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Joe V
During a congestive heart failure, how many minutes does the human brain have without oxygen to survive?
How long can the human brain survive without oxygen?

I believe its between 6 and 10 minutes. Why?

Mike G
CHF is not an MI.

chf is a chronic condition that inhibits the heart to pump adequate blood supply to other organs. if you have low flow states such as chf, then you can become drowsy, disoriented, etc. however, there is usually SOME blood pumping to your head during chf. if your heart STOPS, that is a major blood pumping problem. It takes about 4 minutes for brain cells to start to die, but i have seen several miracles where people have been down 20 - 30 minutes and come out fine - it's less common though.

CHF is not an event but a chronic condition in which the heart is failing to pump adequately. The brain is most likely unaffected until the end.

Without oxygen for:
1-2 minutes brain damage
4 minutes brain death

it varies but i would say not more 2-3 min.

about 5 mins

At room temperature about 4 minutes. At a very low temperature maybe 60 minutes.

Joe V,
Congestive heart failure is not relevant to the length of time that the brain may live without oxygen, it is a factor in the equation. The human brain uses approximately 20% of the oxygen absorbed by the body. The movement of oxygen into our lungs as we breathe, occurs only during early inhalation, or what amounts to just one sixth of our total respiratory cycle. Of that, only the first little bit of oxygen to reach the alveoli is actually taken in. Humans only absorb about 15% of the oxygen inhaled in a single breath. The rest is exhaled back into the air. Most humans can only survive without oxygen for one to two minutes. The human brain can survive without oxygen for a period of time. See this link for more details –
http://www.alcor.org/FAQs/faq02.html scroll down to -
“Q: Doesn't the brain die after 4 to 6 minutes without oxygen?” Anything over five minutes without oxygen will result in permanent brain damage.

Hope this helps
matador 89

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