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 How do you keep your heart from cloging up and having a heart attack.?

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Okay recently for the past few days I've had this feeling where it feels like someone is lightly flicking me in the chest. Now, I kinda felt a dull-ish pain in my upper chest, like almost to my ...

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Just wondering......

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Thank you....

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 Woken up last night by sharp "tearing" chest pain, should I be really concerned?
I am currently being evaluated for autonomic dysfunction. My doctor got me in with a neurologist, but that's not till July. Currently, my symptoms best fit with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (...

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 My heart is racing and im dizzy but at the same time i just want to go to sleep because im so tired?
i havent taken anything or done any activity that would make my heart race what do you think could cause this? i can feel my heart beating in my ...

 What foods should you absolutely avoid when you have high cholesterol?

 What is this scary pulsing on left side of my head at night?
This is something that happens only once in a while, but usually when I lie down at night. I typically sleep on my left side. Sometimes, as soon as my head hits the pillow, I will have a sensation ...

 About chest pain....?
My mother suffers from chest pain, maybe from the heart for a very long time now. This happens when she is depressed or sad and angry. This dissapears when she rest for a while after the anger or ...

Does smoking make your blood pressure go up?

Scott S
Yes it does, in short-term and long-term

Yes stop now, and its cute either.

Yes. And, it also gives you cancer and you die.

yes. it creates hypertension, which is a fancy way of saying high blood pressure

smoking is nasty. I never will date a smoker its like licking an ash tray kissing them. Not that i've licked an ashtray before but after kissing a smoker I think i got the feel of it lol.

Snark, Modest Lips
Yes, it can make your blood pressure go up. However, I have taken my blood pressure after smoking before, and though it was higher than normal, it was still within a healthy range. The problem is that over time, smoking will contribute to high blood pressure as a chronic problem, and that's just the beginning of the problems it causes.

Ys, my Dr. told showed me a scale where the first three puffs your b/p lowered,after that, it showed the heardt beat getting faster.

Yes. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, which means that it constricts your blood vessels; this increases resistance to flow, which in turn increases blood pressure.

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