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Does it hurt to have a heart attack? Do you feel pain?

splitting pain in your left arm

Steph j
Its described as a crushing pain

The FFX Blitz â„¢
when i'm old & wrinkled i'll tell you.

its not fun thats y it is a attack mupet

Boogie's Mom
Yes, chest pain and left arm pain. Also, lots of sweating.


Apparantly it is very painful.

Are you kidding? I've heard it explained by people that it's what an elephant sitting on your chest would feel like. You can't even move it's so crushing.

yes, i have never had one, but people will descride it as indegestion to start with, and then becomes a crushing pain, the chest will tighten, and breathing will become hard

Er, yes!

yuppers thats why they take u rite in to er when say having chest pains, smalls ones sometimes dont even feel em

i would imagine it does as when you see people having one they are invariably shouting argggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...


Pat R
A full blown one is horrendously painful,you can have a small one though and not know about it.

It can feel as bad as being crushed by a double decker bus, or as little as pins and needles in your left arm. It all depends on the severity of the attack and the health of the sufferer

barrie b
believe it or not , sometimes you never know you had a heart attack , these are called silent heart attacks .
the symptoms of a heart attack is possible tightening of the chest , arm-aches from the shoulder down to your elbow, back of the neck hurts a shortness of breath , these are just some of the symptoms , not all these symptoms come at once , these are just some of the things you could feel before a attack, but the heart attack itself , i can assure you , you do not feel it hardly , you get a pain and 99% of the times you will just collapse and wake up in a Ambulance;or hospital.

jason c
It feels like having an elephant sitting on your chest.

Red Death 266
I had one 2yrs ago when I was 33 & I really didn't hurt I just seemed to have a hard time breathing & very sweatie so like the one who lost her father they didn't believe me neither & they found out the next day I was still having the attack & rushed me for stent surgery now I have only 11percent heart function.

my hubby says its like an elephant sitting on your chest,hope it never happens to you


You feel like your chest is being compressed and you can't breathe

It's not pleasant.


yes. people who have heart attacks often experience chest pains and a pain running down the left arm.

Heart attacks can have a variety of signs and symptoms. Women are more prone to silent heart attacks or MI's. Heart attacks can feel like a crushing pain in your chest with radiation down your left arm or up your jaw or it could feel like a nasty case of indigestion. The silent one's tend to be the one's where one is just feeling a little weak and nauseated. Maybe sweaty. Kinda looks like the stomach flu, but in fact it can be an MI. Sometimes it maybe just a fainting episode, no pain, just a little dizzy. Just because there is no pain, it doesn't mean it's not serious. Those can be the worst because people tend to leave them untreated. I have seen many heart attacks with many signs and symptoms and many of them were the silent MI's. If you are at risk, it's good to have frequent check ups and know your risk factors. I had a friend who thought she was having indigestion, took antacids for a couple of days, and had a quintuple bypass a couple of days later. Hope this helps.

There is such a thing as a "Silent Heart Attack," which is indeed pretty pain-free. My father-in-law had one and not one person in the ER believed me when I said he was having a heart attack! His only pain was a slight pain in his left SHOULDER, not his chest at all.

Finally an on the ball R.N. hooked him up to an EKG and then they started flipping out. I was right, they were wrong. He died. Had they seen him right away he would have lived. Jackholes.

Yes, it often time hurts. But don't be fooled. There are also silent heart attacks where you feel no pain.

Also, you could have a heart attack without chest pains, but other symptoms...like dizziness, being short of breath, and abdominal pain.

When it comes to your heart...be careful!

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