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ej b
Copd chest pain?
can accurate test results be obtained from a tress test if one is wearing a nitro patch

you my be feeling Angina thats when your heart does not get enought oxygen.try this site you can ask a doctor about nitro patch.http://www.heartinfo.org/ms/nav/video/main.html

Secondary "Pulmonary hypertension" ie increased pressure in pulmonary vascular bed is a well recognised complication of COPD..This can cause chest pain.A stress test can b performed with nitro.

A nitro patch will keep the arteries relaxed and open, so if you have a blockage, blood and oxygen can still get to where it is needed. A nitro patch wont ruin a stress test. Your blood pressure won't get as high as it normally would, but the physician will still be able to see if you have areas of your heart that aren'nt getting enough oxygen. The nitro patch acts as a safety net to prevent heart damage. When you are having a stress test, you should not be on Beta Blockers. They will keep your heart from performing at a higher level. Good Question!

If you have copd ask for a stress test using Adenosine

Nitro only increases the blood supply to the heart muscle, it does not affect the heart in other ways such as conduction.

From personal experience I have found that cardiac stress tests can be very misleading even if you do all the right things.

I had stents implanted some years ago but recently I've been experiencing angina.

Stress tests were done about a month ago and were considered to be satisfactory, however, I was still experiencing unstable angina.

My doctor decided that an angiogram was required to check blood flow.

As a result of the angiogram I am now booked to enter hospital in a week for triple by-pass surgery. One stent is completely blocked and the other is 'on the way'.

None of this was indicated by the cardiac stress test.

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