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My cardiologists are both feminists, if you know what I mean!
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You lot are so clever. Thanks very much....

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we are ready to travel of needed.
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is the 120/81 (blood pressure) high for a 12 year old... i need to know fast

could diziness be part of it
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this is my friend she is 12 nd she was feelin ...

Constant chest heaviness and feeling somewhat weak/lighheaded?
I am a 24 year old male who has had no previous heart condition. Roughly a week ago, I woke up with heaviness/pressure on the left side of my chest around my heart and also felt rather lightheaded/weak. Roughly 2 days later the heaviness was still bothering me so I decided it best to go to the ER and get checked out. They performed an EKG, chest x-ray, and checked enzymes, and then had me wait 4 hours so they could perform another EKG after resting for a while. They said everything came back negative and discharged me. Now, about 4 days later, I am still feeling the same chest pressure/heaviness and slight lightheadedness. The area that is bothering me kind of feels like its bruised when I push down on it. Sometimes I feel the pain when I twist my body in one direction or the other or when I bend over. I've been taking Advil and it's not helping. I was thinking I might have Costochondritis, but I figured the Advil would've helped if that were the case. I appreciate any help.
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I forgot to add that the doctor at the hospital said my white cell count was on the high side....he said it could have been an infection that was causing the pain, but didn't prescribe any medication.

It is definetly something that you need to pay attention to. It might not be your heart, I could a muscular problem, maybe you carried a lot of weight at some point and it bruised your chest area, try to remember. It could also be your lungs, are you having problems breathing? Shortness of breath? any kind of allergies? If you are not getting enough oxigen you are going to feel week. My suggestion go to your primary physician, but tell the receptionist is an emergency, describe what you have and what they told you at the ER, the thing is that at the ER they want to treat emergencies, and that wasn't the case, their training is so solve inmediate problems, not to check forward, that is why I want you to go to your regular or family doctor, he is a clinician and he will find out what is wrong with you. Hope it helps. Good luck

This is very serious. Since youve already been to a doctor maybe you should check with another, in case he missed something. I'm not a doctor but it could be stress related or allergies.

I think your right and it is costrochrondrituis, how many advil did you take? The usual prescription for that is a high dose of naproxen an excellent anti imflamitory its exactly the same as taking 4 advil at once every 6 hours. I promise you even thought that exceeds recommended dosage Ive had two doctors tell me its perfectly safe so just try 4 advil,

I'm no medical expert, but I would recommend going somewhere else. If one hospital is to ignorant to recognize you are in pain, you shouldn't be visiting them. I hope you have the option of another hospital.

I think the doctor at the hospital misdiagnosed you, it happens all the time. Sounds like a heart problem, possibly clogged arteries, take aspirin every day to keep your blood thinned, and go to another hospital, tell them you're not leaving until someone tells you what is going on. That you are in pain and heaviness/pressure on your chest. They need to do a procedure (I can't remember the name), the run a tube up your groin and check your heart and artries, don't worry they put you in a twilight state so that you feel no pain. Good Luck, don't forget the asprin and stick to your guns when it comes to doctors, thats the only way your gonna find out what's going on.

Go see your doctor and run more tests. You could have high cholesterol or you may be experiencing some vertigo.
Are you excising to hard/too much? Go see your doctor and get a complete physical.

Ho H
Hey, I'm sorry I cannot help but I think maybe you should perhaps try to do something about the pain..maybe ask a doctor again? Maybe you can go for another test but tell the doctor that they could not find anything wrong in the first test but the heaviness still persist for a week now? Did you have a fall or press a heavy object or fall against anything in the last week before this? Don't worry about the first comment though. I think it is alright being worried over this. I would be very worried too, if I was you! Hmm, did you also take any drugs(medicine) or presriptions that might have caused it? Hope that everything may be fine.

Sounds like you need chest X-Rays or a MRI.
Could be a blood clot that doesn't show up in the EKG.
See your primary doctor to schedule some tests.
In the mean time take some baby aspirin.

If you've had no repeated minor trauma to the chest wall or viral respiratory infections, then it's probably not Costochondritis. Get a second opinion.

Call the doctor for any of the following symptoms:
Trouble breathing
High fever
Signs of infection such as redness, pus, and increased swelling at the rib joints
Continuing or worsening pain despite medication

Go to a hospital's emergency department if you have difficulty breathing or any of the following symptoms occur. These symptoms are generally not associated with costochondritis: High fever not responding to fever-reducers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil).
Signs of infection at the tender spot such as pus, redness, increased pain, and swelling. Persistent chest pain of any type associated with nausea, sweating, left arm pain, or any generalized chest pain that is not well localized - These symptoms can be signs of a heart attack. If you are not sure of your condition, go to the emergency department.

Otherwise, if it's something you pulled in your sleep or without knowing it, it can take up to two or more weeks to heal. Concerning the dizziness, it could be due to pressure in the ears from an upper respiratory infection.

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