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fatty liver
Can you help me how to quickly lower down my liver enzyme (SGPT) due to a fatty liver?
I've been taking milk thistle & other herbs for the past 4 weeks and it works but I need something to that will lower it down more quickly.

Change your diet to low fat. Eat oatmeal daily

Stop drinking alcoholic beverages. See, in biochemistry, alcohol converts into LDL (bad cholesterol), chylomicrons and VLDL (very bad cholesterol) via a very long process.

If you are overweigh or obese, try loosing weight. It will take time, but it will have the best effect.

If you have diabetes or have what doctors call as insulin-resistance, you can try rosiglitazone. Randomized-control trials have proven that this decreases fatty liver.

Hope that helps somewhat.

Avoid alcohol

Stop drinking alcholic beverages.

Sure, A diet low in fat and high in fiber, fruits and vegetables can usually correct this problem.

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