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Can you have a heart attack if your blood pressure is normal,?
and does your blood pressure go up when you are having a heart attack?

L_H Qutub(Retired)
Yes, under severe tension you can have heart attack, irrespective of BP. Stress and Strain are a root cause of illness of heart and brain.
It accounts to 10% in person's below the age of 40.
Yes because of pain your BP might go up, in some cases the patients will have low or even normal BP, you have to rely on symptoms.
It can even go on without any symptoms in Diabetics known as SILENT INFARCT/Heart attack.

yes you can have a heart attack even if yourb/p is normal as sometimes something is wrong with the valves or the aorta

montreal canadiens #1 fan
u can have 1 n e time

Yup. If you have high blood pressure you are just at higher risk, especially for stress related attacks . BP can even go down before/during a heart attack. Stress causes alot of attacks, but not all of them. Blockages, failure, and other things can cause heart attack without high BP..

Once your heart attack is underway, your BP will be high. In my case my BP was normal before the attack and proceeded higher as the attack progressed. At the time I knew I needed medical help my BP was 165/110. While you are having a heart attack, your BP will, indeed, be high.

Yes, and sometimes.

Yes you can have a heart attack even if your blood pressure is normal or even better. Even marathon runners, whose blood pressure would be in the excellent range, have died of heart attacks. And your blood pressure can go down if the heart isn't working right due to a heart attack.

Yes to both questions. There are lots of factors that contribute to heart attack or cardiac arrest, it could be the blockage of blood supply to the heart, blunt trauma, medication side effect etc. or diseases of the heart...check on cardiovascular diseases and u will find them there...myocardial infarction is one of the main causes of cardiac arrest...

Bufford M
Yes, these are not necessarily related. The blood pressure often goes up because of pain and anxiety, and treatment is directed toward lowering them to decrease the workload on the heart. The blood pressure may, however be low and indicate a quite serious situation (cardiogenic shock)

Jack D
Yes, a heart attack is caused by a disruption in the supply of blood to the heart regardless of blood pressure at the time of event. What is relevant is that high blood pressure over time leads to a loss of arterial elasticity which can indeed make a heart attack more likely.

Captain Hero
Yes, although there may be a high correlation between high blood pressure and heart attack occurrence because patients with both conditions probably aren't healthy on all counts, there isn't a causation. That is, a heart attack is an acute myocardial infarction, so occlusion that develops to block blood flow to and from the heart can develop regardless of one's blood pressure. However, as that occlusion is present, the blood pressure might increase in at least the area of the occlusion, but I think the increase is negligible.

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