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 Do people with heart problems have a good chance of getting social security disability on their first try?
I have been waiting almost five months now and still no answer yet from the social security office. My doctor took me off work in October and my DX are: hypertension, mild aortic stenosis, bicupsid ...

 I was admitted to the hospital with chest pain.arm pain.neck pain?
i had stress test which came back normal, i also has a carotid study which showed, no plaque. i have parkinsons disease..which has caused me to be hypostensive for the last 5 years,..on admission to ...

 What is the difference between heartburn and angina?

 It amazes me to see medical prof's with serious weight problems, especially heart surgeons-how can this be?
I saw a world-renowed heart surgeon on tv that was at least 50 pds overweight. With all the damage weight does to a body and seeing it first-hand, it boggles my mind that anyone in the medical world ...

 Blood Pressure question?
I just checked my BP and it was 116-42 I think i may have done something worng is that normal??? Can you please help me get a list of the good and bad pressure BP ranges?...

 Can a heart attack result from a lack of carbohydrates, or lack of oxygen in the cardiac muscle, or neither?

 My heart skips a beat every few seconds or so. Is this bad???

 My Grandma Doesn't Feel Well?
My Grandma has Angina and had an Angina attack or doctors say "Hot Flush" 2 years ago.

Now she is hot and is having hot sweats and she is depressed and down in the dumps. She had ...

 High blood pressure? for 19yr old..?
I'm 19 and my resting pulsrate falls between 96-103(bpm) when I'm lying or sitting down. I thought it was a little high so I've tried to calm down a bit as I've been rather ...

 What is the best blood pressure medicine for extremely high pressure?
My mother has extremely high blood pressure. Last night she went to the hospital with 233/100. They got it down using Cardizem, and prescribed that to her. She's been on a bunch of different ...

 Can a holter monitor still detect any abnormal rythms of the heart even if you dont experience palpitations?
i have had palpitaitons for the last few months..usually they are at night when i am laying down watching t.v...i told my doctor about them and she first told me it was most likely caused by stress.....

 I have no clue if it was a minor heart attack?
I was in my backyard and all of a sudden my left side started to tingle then I felt my heart beating out of my chest (the heart rate was super fast) and stabbing pain. First I thought that I was ...

 I was told I have 3 leaky heart valves. My heart seems to be fine so far. But my legs and my hands swell,?
whether I sit or stand. I get tired easily. I get tired and out of breath if I walk more than one quarter mile. should I be concerned..When I have my stress test, it comes out fine....

 My MHR is through the roof all the time....how do i stop it?
its typical when you exercise that your heart rate goes up...but my heart always beats fast. I can just be sitting and watching TV or something and it goes really fast. i do have panic attacks and it ...

 Could chest pain be related to stress, anxiety and panic attack?
For the past 2 months I've been feeling what you could describe a "typical" heart pain. It's a pressure, squeezing, dull ache felt in the center of the chest (i.e. not over the ...

 How dangerous is it?
not to take your blood pressure meds? What are and how high are the risks?...

 CPR ratios for adults, children, and infants?
i recently heard that it changed? Also...when do you know when to use the defib on a patient?


 Do chillies harm your heart?
do chillies gives you heart attack and all that?...

 Mechanical heart valves so loud
I have 2 mechanical heart valves I was in bed last nite and they were clicking that loud and vibrating it was frightening is this normal I only get sometimes my friend touch me yesterday and she ...

 Now have high bood presser.after havjng baby, anyone else happen to you?

Can you get into a coma after having a heart attack?
Can you get into a coma after having a heart attack? I was wondering because my uncle had colon cancer and went into a coma and died. I was wondering if you could get a heart attack then get in a coma....


Shortly after collapsing with a severe case of heat stroke Thursday evening, Florida freshman football player Eraste Autin suffered a massive heart attack and fell into a coma at Shands at the University of Florida, Gainesville, his high school athletic director said.


yes it can be done .

yes many do


Alot of things can cause you to go into a coma. And a heart attack is one of them. If you have a severe heart attack with a period of reduced blood flow to the brain this can cause coma. A number of other affects of poor blood flow to other organs can cause problems in the brain and coma. eg renal failure secondary to heart attack

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