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 What can u take 2 lower ure blood pressure? Mines been a bit over now 4 the past 2 months,so i was just....?
wonderin if there was anythin natural i could take 2 help lower it.At the minute i`m takin hawthorn berries,but its only been the last 2 days,so was curiuos if anyone else had any suggestions...thanx....

 Irregular heart beat, heavy and racing -- need help please?
My heart beat is irregular and racing, whats happening and what should I do? It's been happening for about an two hours already.
I get this alot. My heart races really fast and skips alot, ...

 What is a cardiophile?
I have heard the term but I'm not sure what it is,...

 I have a pacemaker...is it SAFE for me to smoke Hookah?
i want to know because i am going to this place this weekend with my friends that will have Hookah and i want to know if i can do just a little bit without harming myself too much...?...

 Im worried i have heart disease?
Whenever i breathe in it cracks. is that heart disease???i think i may have anxiety also
Additional Details
My blood pressure and stuff is always fine.. it could be asthma ...

How important is magnesium in a diet?...

 When you have a cardiac catherization done are you put to sleep for the procedure?

 Would I cause harm if I stop taking blood pressure medicine? i think I feel better without it.?
I started taking it a week ago and I have felt weird, the doctor told me I could. Would it be any harm. I go to see him for a blood test tomorrow. He isn't having me fast. How does it work ...

 A cardiogenic Question? Heath professional please?
Which of the following conditions is not a potential cause of cardiogenic shock?
A. Tension pneumothorax
B. Spinal cord injury
C. Tamponade
D. Cardiac ...

 Female, 24 years old, Chest pains; Heart pain; achy/numb left arm/shoulder?
For about seven months, I have had difficulty breathing from time to time and have been experiencing piercing and often times, debilitating, pain in both my heart and my chest. A severe ache, ...

 I am 30 year old female is 95 heart bets per minute normal.?
that is at rest just sittin around watching tv....

 What is aterial fibulation of the heart?
causes blood ...

 I need advice about lowering blood pressure for a work medical?
After months of job searching, I maybe offered employment. The problem is I will have to have a medical in a few weeks because you have to be phisicially fit and sometimes I have high blood pressure....

 What are the dangers of having too high levels of coumadin?
Coumadin is a blood thinner that is used to disolve blood clots among other things....

 What is an electrocardiologist? And what specifically does he do?

 I think I might have high blood pressure .It came on me all of a sudden. What can cause that?

 About how long does an metal valve last in your heart, until it needs to be replaced again?

 Sudden fast heartbeat?
Hi, I'm a housewife, today while i was doing my work on my computer, i felt a sudden fast heartbeat, this is not the first time. I had experience this quite many times, everytimes it happened it ...

 Is high blood pressure considered a heart disease?

 Heart Pain?
Im having extreme chest pain,harsh breathing and my heart actually hurts..
anyone know what it may be?...

Can the heart repair itself after congestive heart failure?
My 36 year old son was drinking heavy. He has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Can his heart repair itself with lifestyle changes and medication?

The heart does not repair. He probably had a heart attack at some time, or high blood pressure or valvular disease.

not really, it can a little bit if the underlying cause is fixed but reverting completely back to normal doesnt happen. and he can probably slow down progression if he listens to the doctor and makes neccesary lifestyle changes

No once the heart tissue is damage it does not repair it's self, lifestyle changes improve your condition and adds years to your life.Have a look at this site, it's regular people with heart failure for people with heart failure----CHFpatients.com....you will find this to be a gold mine of information.......Good Luck

Very unlikely. It can be helped to stop any futher damage with proper medical treatment and sound advice which should be followed.

Well first off...is he ready to make these changes mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually???
If he is...check out www.drweil.com for some answers on anything to do with health and well-being. He wrote '8 Weeks to Optimim Health' and scores of other books and he speaks of the body's way of repairing itself through nutrition and other wholistic means.
Check it out and good-luck.

I don't think that the heart will repair itself, however, it can be managed with lifestyle and dietary changes and medications. People can live fairly normal lives with CHF, they just have to be careful. Make sure that he has regular visits to his cardiologist or whomever is treating him. They will tell you when to return for a check up. He may want to invest in a home blood pressure machine. They are priced sensibly at various stores.

As long as he takes care of himself from this point out, he should have a fairly normal life. Complications may arise when he is ill and when he ages. Your medical team can help you through these processes. Best wishes.

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