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ok i'm and i walk like 2 miles+ a day. and i exercise regularly yet still supposedly have a poor heart rate. i jog 5k weekly (all continuous, and i'm not slow)

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 How can you tell if your having a heart attack?

Can some1 that just had a stroke have a 2nd one while in Hospital?
If yes, how does that happen isnt the patient being monitored?Please advise.

If someone has had a stroke they are more prone to having another one, even if in hospital. Strokes are cause by blood clots in the brain, which aren't always cureable. Stroke patients are usually put on asprin, which thins their blood, reducing the chance of a clot forming, but its not a cure, its only a treatment.

John Reid
Yes, a second stroke can occur while the patient is being treated for stroke, and even more can happen. Not likely, but it happens.

Yes, they can. Blood clots can be very tiny and move whenever they decide to move causing the second stroke. The hospital usually monitors the patient, but they are being monitored for future strokes, etc. They have no way of monitoring the blood clots.

Yes. Blood clotting can occur, even when monitored. Sorry.

Yes. A person can have a stroke while being hospitalized for a stroke. They are being monitored, but if a stroke or a T.I.A. is going to occur, it will.

John C
unfortunately it is not only possible but probable. If a patient has a stroke they are are very likely to have a second one and there is absolutely nothing that monitoring can do about it. it will monitor it and alert medical staff when it is happening but you cannot stop a stroke from happening at short notice. It is in the long term that you can improve the condition of the patient so that they will not have another stroke later. but as i say this is long term strategy.

it can happen. monitoring a patient does not prevent anything but it does get immediate attention to the patient which can help tremendously.

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