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 I just Had a Heart attack in August of this year at the young age of 34. How do I deal with all this?
Im 35 now.I just turned 35 in september but in August of this year I had a heart attack. I had 4 blocked autries and so therefor I had to have a bypass done. I cant believe at 34 years of age I had ...

 I'm 45, and I've been experience some sqeezing pain on the center-left side of my chest?
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 Chest pain?
hi i have lots of test and all seems ok but have to have the die next to see if my arteries are ok i get out of breath a lot and very tired and a lot of pain seems to come and go but can be there a ...

 Why has my husband got high cholesterol & what can we do ?
he has been told his cholesterol is 5.9.
why is this, what can we do about it and what long term risks does it impose on his health?
Thank you
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 HOMEWORK HELP; Right Answer = 10 pts?
2. Symptoms of overtraining would not include

Your answer:

a- increased appetite and body weight gain

b-occasional nausea

c- elevated blood pressure

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 My heart keeps beating erratically?
i am 25, smoke a pack every two days and drink about twice a week. i have an ecg done about four weeks ago and all came back clear. its been beating erratically for about the past two weeks. anyone ...

 My wife thinks I had a heart attack?
I suddenly had terrible pain in my chest and left side of my torso. It felt like a car was parked on my chest. I started sweating and the pain was intense for about 1 minute. I continued to feel &...

 Heart attack!!!?
when the coranary arteries get blocked this deprives oxygen from the heart and results in a heart attack!
what my question is how long do the arteries have to be blocked due to an unhealthy diet ...

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 Whereeee can i gett?
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Can smoking pot increase your heart rate dramatically?
i always thought its supposed to relax you. why is it having the opposite effect one me?
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go to hell lc

if you had my childhood, you would be doing worse things than pot, trust me.

well yea... duh... like grow up b/c smoking pot is really stupid.
just tellin ya cuz thats really stupid to smoke pot.

Don't smoke it.
It's illegal.
Quit and turn your dealer in.
Then you don't have to worry.

smoking pot only does good.
its an herb.

kεlsεy ॐ
It has different effects on everyone. Some people have jumped off of buildings on the drug, others have been perfectly fine. If your experience from marijuana is negative, you probably shouldn't use it.

Yes, it does raise your heart rate. Letting any kind of smoke into your lungs raises your heart rate. Yes, it feels relaxing, but that does not mean it does not increase you're heart rate. Does it raise it dramatically? I doubt it...unless your smoking a tun every day.

master x

florida gal
Smoking does a lot to your heart. One of the side effects could be rate change.

thc actually does elevate your heart rate,it is a physical response to the thc lowering your blood sugar(thats why the munchies)-anyway your body tries to create insulin for itself by getting the pancreas "worked up"- if you will.

Whatever, pot is great. More people than you would believe smoke it on a regular basis and it doesn't have any negative effects on them. I know that it does make me seriously paranoid though, so I try to be in a safe environment everytime I smoke. in other words i dont want to have to worry about going out and being stoned in front of other people, or driving. The thing is, once you've smoked it enough you'll realize that you can "control" whats going on. If you feel certain sensations you can actually control this by mentally choosing to ignore it, or concentrate it. Pot just magnifies your mental faculties, so choose not to focus on your heart rate and make sure you're in a safe environment and I'm sure you'll feel much less paranoid.

ben c
its possible, because the rapid inhales of the smoke unequalizes your normal breathing rate. that means when your done, it takes a while to have the blood back to speed in your body. thats because your lungs are constantly changing to the different breathing rate so your lungs keep slowing down and going back to normal. when its slow it needs more blood to the rest of your body because your lungs arent helping enough to support your blood streams. ANSWER, stop smoking cause its bad and illeagle

It makes your heart rate drop not speed up. If your heart s racing it has been doctored with something else and you should stop smoking it immediately!

I know it makes your heart rate drop cos around 4 years ago I was in hospital and some friends came to visit and whisked me outside to have a sneaky c!ggie. Anyway we all smoked rollies and I lit the one passed me and within a few minutes had a funny do and had to be taken back onto the ward. There the nurses and doctor nearly had kittens panicking cos my heart rate had dropped and my BP plummeted. They were really worried. When it came too the chap who had rolled my c!g had some little bits of pot mixed in his bacca and that had caused my problems! I had lived 46 years and never bothered to experiment cos they didn't interest me and the first time I unwittingly tried drugs they nearly polished me off! lol:-D

Yes, it does increase you heart rate and also SLIGHTLY raises your blood pressure. It helps too lessen high optical pressure, which causes Glaucoma and Blindnness it opens your bronchial tubes for better breathing and has sooooooo MANY GOOD medical uses.it is calming!& helps with hunger for people withcancer & chemo treatments and relaxes the muscles of MS sufferers tremendously. SO to Lc step off ...........Beotch.......... even GEORGE WASHINTON was a HEMP FARMER YOU NERD

Lauren A
It depends on how good the weed is. If it's the really good stuff, it is a possibility. I've had moments when I noticed the same thing, but it's nothing to worry about.

Well first of all, that's why it's illegal. Unless of course, you are living in Amsterdam, which I would assume you are not.

I personally hope the cops bust you. If you can't find anything better to do with your time than smoke pot, then you DO deserve to be in jail.

No it relaxes you - maybe someone has put some cocaine in it to get you hooked!

Doesnt it slow you down?

it can work both ways try stopping the pot for a while and see if your heartrate changes if it only races when you have had a smoke then it will be down to what your smoking,if it is racing without the pot have a check up
good luck

Crazy cat lady &gt;^ ^<
Pot freaks me out I get VERY paranoid..that's why I don't smoke it..On me yes it make my heart rate accelerate

so small

Blonde Next Door
Pot affects different people different ways. I've had a panic attack once after I smoked, and I had never had one in my life. Pot can cause paranoia for some people. Maybe this could be what was causing your heart to race?

It does when that knock comes at the door and you know you can't get all the smoke out of your room by the time the door is opened.

marijuana can increase your heart rate, and make you very paranoid. It has different effects on different people.


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