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Neil S
Can high blood pressure cause swelling in the feet?

Yes it can alot of ppl woth blood presure problems have swollen feet keep them elevated.

Yes. I have high blood pressure and sometimes do have problems with swelling of my feet and ankles. But, swelling of the feet and ankles does not always mean that you have high blood pressure.

swelling and high blood pressure are symptoms, neither causes the other...the root problem causes both, and that is usually some sort of vascular disease process.

Unfortunately it can.

Lady B
I've had high blood pressure for over 40 years, but it wasn't until my doctor changed me to Procardia that my feet and ankles started to swell. I looked Procardia up on webmd and the swelling is a side effect. My doctor told me to wear support hose even around the house and it makes the swelling a little better. So, I don't think it's high blood pressure that makes your feet swell, I think it's a medication you're taking for the high blood pressure or you're eating too much salt or perhaps a little bit of both. I'm on a 1500 mg per day salt restricted diet, too.

kidney problems can cause high blood pressure and swelling of the feet. See your doctor!

Absolutely. High blood pressure can be caused by water retention. The feet are usually the first place it's retained.

im not quite sure but may some research about it might help, or contact your doctor

Yes, indirectly. Your hypertension can cause your heart to suffer heart failure, fluid that should be pumped efficiently through your circulatory system doesn't and fluid backs up like in your feet, ankles, lower legs and lungs most commonly. If you have a cardiac history, are over 50 and both legs are equally swollen this is probably the case. If you push down on a swollen area of your feet and your skin hold the shape of a dent where you pushed down and holds that dent for several second your hypertension may have advanced to congestive heart failure. Seek medical attention soon!!! Especially if you start to expereince shortness of breath. Fluid is then backing up into your lungs.

Indirectly it can, if you are on a blood pressure med some ankle or foot swelling may occur as a side effect of the medication. However, if you feet or ankles are either swelling a lot or swelling and your not on BP meds, then you probably have a blockage in your coronary arteries or artery. Either way, see your DR, it is an early signal of something. I have been on BP meds for 13 years, I take 5 a day have 3 heart stents, so I consider myself knowledgeable about the subject.

yes if your body holds in the fluids due to high blood pressure it will cause your feet to swell.

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