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Blood pressure of 103/61, is that low?

Thats really good, compared to mine!

No, that is a very good BP reading!

Here is a link for you to learn more about it, rather then me giving you the long lecture (complete with quizzes and visual aides, j/k!).


That is an awesome blood pressure.

Yes, that is low.

it's great

that signed a bit low to me

Normal I would say.

Mine is that low too! I am very proud of it! lol You should be too

well the depends on your age. if your young it is good. if an adult it is a little low. just moniter it. one reading is not enough to be sure what the normal range is. as long as your not having an symptoms of low pressure such as fainting or dizzyness or lightheadness or weakness in your legs when you get up or walk. no symptoms your probably okay. if mine was that low I would go into a coma. but I need higher pressure to deal with my higher weight and other problems.


There is an upper limit for what is defined as "high blood pressure", but there's no cut off for what is defined as "low blood pressure". The reason is everyone's bodies act differently. For example, 103/61 might be perfectly normal for one person, whereas someone else might pass out from that blood pressure being too low for them. If you're not having any symptoms or side effects from it (such as dizziness, fainting, fatigue, etc) then it's not low. However, if you ARE having side effects like those, then yes, it is low. If you are having side effects, there is medication that the doctor can give you to increase your blood pressure (I'm on some for that reason actually- my blood pressure was running at about 80/57 and I was having side effects).

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