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v d
Blood pressure high in right arm, normal in left arm. Does it matter which arm I take my blood pressure in?

It does not matter which arm, unless you've had breast surgery. It will always be differnt in each arm.

I found out through personal experience that you need to have your blood pressure taken on the same side each time.They do normally read a bit different.Don't think it's a big difference though. You will also read different sitting down or standing up. They had me come in and sit quietly with my arms and legs uncrossed,no talking and relaxed.This is supposed tro give a true reading. When they are able to catch most people in ths relaxed state of mind in our regular, daily grind beats me though.

not really -keep track of your blood pressure over 2 weeks. take the results to your doctor and discuss.

No, not unless one arm is impaired in some way. It will be different EVERY time you take it anyway. It is based on a {within normal limits} range.

it shouldn't matter if both of your arms are full strength and normal. If you've had an injury or a stroke or something in one arm it is considered ur weak arm and u should take the Blood pressure in your strong arm. The blood pressure on both of your arms should be the same so i would go to the doctors and ask what's causing the difference.

80's baby
It does matter..YOur spposed to do it on the left arm..4got why but doctor told me one time.

For one thing that is not normal it is a sign of a real problem/ you need to tell your doctor if you have one if not get one.Your blood pressue tells how your heart is pumping and if its normal on one side and not the the other you could be having a problem with your heart or a vein or blood vessel you need to get it checked

Normally it doesn't matter which arm you use to take your blood pressure. If you have an injury of some kind in one arm it is best to use the one that is not injured. If the difference between arms is significant ( different by more than a couple of numbers ) you should seek medical attention. There may be arterial damage of some kind which is causing the difference. Try taking the measurements with 2 blood pressure cuffs at the same time, and see if you are still getting differing results. It may just be that the movement of the cuff from one arm to the other is changing your pressure. Blood pressure does fluctuate some normally depending on your activity and how relaxed you are at the time it is taken. If you have high blood pressure readings throughout the day, even when at rest, you should seek medical care immediately.

My Dear
If there's significant different then you should better get it checked by doctor.

It shouldn't. Have you had an injury or surgery on one arm?

rachel h
i have to have blood pressure taken every week and often wondered why they always did it on my left arm,i did ask and they said it was because your right arm is nearest to your heart,so it will always be higher in your right arm.So they take it on your left arm to get a right reading.hope this helps

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