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bernie c
Blood pressure 168 over 86 is it really high?
just wanted to know if it is bad I know smoking and salt effect it, are there any other things that would make it high like stress Thanks
Additional Details
Take Rampril 1 at night been increased to 1 in the morning as well, do smoke(bad me) have to have extra salt due to another illness. Age 49, female, 5ft 2, 7st 12lb and was sitting.

This would be mild hypertension. Stress can definitely affect blood pressure.

Normal bp is 120 over 80 ,yes stress can effect it.Cut down on
salt,coffee and slow down. Enjoy life.

It is high,. Basically it's one of many risk factors for a heart attack or a stroke.
Other risk factors include:- smoking, poor diet ( high salt, low fibre, high fat), Obesity, diabetes, inactive lifestyle, high cholesterol and family history of heart disease / stroke, esp under age of 60.. also stress is taken into consideration. The more of the above risk factors you have the greater your % risk of having a stroke / heart attack.
I suggest you get your cholesterol level checked and know your family history ( first line relatives, that is mum,dad, siblings). best of luck and cut down on that salt! x

Yes, that is really high, especially for the top number (168). Obesity and lack of exercise will do that. Certain drugs interacting with certain herbs do that. Are you eating or drinking anything illegal? Because those illegals substance could be reacting in your body in any number of unknown ways, including making your blood pressure go out of whack. Talk to your doc.

I hate to tell you this because you've heard it a million times, I'm sure, but as long as you smoke, you stand a very high risk for a stroke. Your blood pressure is too high. Smoking causes your vessels to constrict, leading to a higher blood pressure. You are slowly killing your kidneys, and believe me a life on a dialysis machine is not fun. Having a stroke which takes away your ability to talk or to function normally is not a good way to go through life.

I guarantee that if you stop smoking, your blood pressure will improve drastically. Your doctor can prescribe the patch and behaviour modification therapy for you. If you really want to help yourself, you will get rid of your cigarettes. Nothing anyone else will tell you will help as much.

Your blood pressure is a little high, but it's the lower figure that tells part of the story.

Ideally, you want about 120/70, so 86 is a little high, but not dangerously so. However, you do need to lower it, and salt, smoking, excess weight and stress all contribute to high BP. Lose a few pounds gradually, don't smoke, try not to stress unduly (easily said in today's world, not so easily done), and lay off the salt pot, look for low salt alternatives in all foods, and take regular exercise, 20 mins twice a day.

If none of this works, then your GP should be able to provide a suitable medication to lower your BP. Don't leave it, it gets worse with age, and the damage is being done without you noticing till it's too late. I know, I have had 3 heart attacks and a triple artery bypass already, and I am only 50. Don't leave it like I did. Stay healthy.

<3 skittles <3

Extremely high! It can be hereditary, but environmental issues like your diet, excess weight and smoking can affect it, too. Your doctor will provide medication if he or she deems it appropriate. High blood pressure has a high correlation with heart attack and stroke so don't take any chances.

Stress will raise it, sometimes just seeing the doctor in a white coat can raise it. (White coat syndrome). Age makes a difference.

Its pretty high around 135 can be dangerous. Being nervous doesnt help

What time of the day was your bp taken as it affects the systolic reading? (86)

Certainly stress can push up blood pressure for sure.

Stress will make it higher.
Yes its high, normal is around 120/70.

Stress.. caffeine Yes..it's high...should be somewhere around 120 over 80 or less.

168/86 is high. average textbook blood pressure is 120/80. If you had it taken soon after you smoked or drank a caffinated beverage than it may have been elevated due to this. If I were you I would go to a local drugstore and buy a digital blood pressure cuff not a wrist one they aren't as accurate and start a log of your blood pressures at different times of day and with different activity levels after a week send it to your doctor and ask his opinion it will give you a better idea if you have a problem than 1 reading.

bad......... hypertensive.......... over 140 while at rest is getting risky.

Here is a chart explaining blood pressure readings:


If you want a heart-healthy diet, go to the American Cancer Society and look at their diet.

Sounds like you caught in a go no go situation. I'm similar except the sodium level you have to take This problem is solved for me by a diet of sodium 0.5 mg per 100gms of food years ago this was very hard to do, easy today.Needed a supplier from the hospital for it. You didn't mention potassium also a problem little or none if pos. things like summer fruits,coffee and chocolate, (sorry), anything that ends in berry a no go. Stress is a major factor in all ailments, just about makes everything worse but that's what we do. Have a look at some sites how to reduce stress

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