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Blood Pressure for a 17-year-old girl?
I've measured my blood pressure a few times (we're studying the circulatory system in Anatomy -- I'm not a hyposchondriac!)

My blood pressure is 101/65. Is this normal for a 17-year-old white girl? Is it on the high or low end?
Additional Details
115 lbs (but I'm not fat or chunky).
Not really athletic.
I don't drink pop (or soda).
I often feel dizzy (but not necessarily faint).

dont worry doc
your bp is perfectly normal
and i am sure your arm is a bit small for the bp cuff
The standard size, with a 5-inch-wide cuff, is designed for adults with an arm of average size. When this cuff is applied to a small arm, the pressure is underestimated.
even if that isnt so, your bp is in the normal range
so, unless you are having dizziness, syncope, palpitations, orthostatic hypotension or any other symptom, you need not worry,

Generally, a blood pressure reading with the top number being 100-130 and the bottom number being 60-80 is considered healthy. But...Are you a physically active person? Do you exercise regularly, or participate in sports regularly? Is your physical stature on the slender or petite side? All these things can affect what is a "normal" blood pressure reading. Healthy, slender women tend to run on the low side, and athletes of either gender also run lower. Are you drinking enough fluids, and not soda or other caffeine containing beverages? Even being slightly dehydrated can lower your blood pressure, and caffeine can act as a diuretic, causing you to eliminate even more fluid. If you are concerned, please consult your doctor, especially if you have symptoms such as dizziness and being light headed, especial when you go from a seated to standing position.

you would be in the normal range.

Courtenay B
A perfect reading is 120/80. Your reading seems jut a bit low, but still in a good range, I would mention it at your next check up.

Steve B
prob normal...maybe a liitle low,but,no big issue....low end

It is on the low side of normal. If it goes lower consistently, you may want to find out from your doctor if any treatment / medications might be a good idea.

Normal blood pressure is generally 100-125 / 60-80.

Your blood pressure is good. Take your vitamins and drink some milk with that water. Even if you don't like white milk, dilute chocolate milk with a little bit of white. Girls need calcium. don't worry unnecessarily-your bp is good. I'm an ICU nurse.

That is actually normal, unless you know otherwise. BP is sopose to be below 120/80 ... and some ppl have a low blood pressure and that is their norm. Like athletes usally have low BP and low HR because they are so active and their cardiac system is working alot more efficently. Anyhow you are fine, unless you start feeling really dizzy when standing suddenly, or some visual disturbances you are fine.

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