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Blood Pressure 280/160. Showing no signs of going to the Dr.?
He has run out of meds. Doesn't seem to think he will explode. Again. This has been going on for years. Unbelieveable. If he doesn't care about himself - should I care for him? Where is the line drawn between taking responsibility for your own self vs waiting for someone to do it for you? I told him I would set up a Dr. appt. for him. I have done this too many times in the past only to have him no-show or cancel. I guess my question is this - when is it ok to walk away knowing someone will die because they can't deal on their own? Almost 50 years old already. It;'s not my responsibility to make sure he gets to the Dr. and takes his meds... Right?

Wow well I would still encourage him to go or make him talk to someone who can make him see that he needs his medication and what the risks are.

Stephen L
Who is "he?" If he's a competent adult, I guess the old saying applies: you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

I see you are having difficulty with this person- nothing new.

with a blood pressure like that, the person WILL eventually have a stroke, kidney failure, or both. this person needs to be seen in the ER NOW.

if the person still refuses, then you have done all you can. it's a lot like watching an alcoholic drink themselves to death.

Tell him to start with the pharmacy. Most of the time the pharmacist can call the doctor and get a new prescription the same day w/o an appointment, esp for a life saving med like a blood pressure/heart med. I know its frustrating, but he is probably in denial.

Help him get his affairs in order, he's not long for this world.

To answer I would want to know who this person is in relation to you.

The law answers the question for you.

Unless you declare him incompetent of making his own decisions, then you cannot speak for him...whoever he is.

He won't know it when he explodes...he'll be gone.

If cost is an issue, ask his physician for samples and explain your situation.

Some good doctors out there will give you a whole month's supply of samples if they know you're short on money and need help.

No, you can offer assistance and help but the bottom line is that the decision is his. If this person is of sane mind then it is his right and choice not to go get a new script or to get it renewed.

Getting into the role of being co-dependent - that is - leading your life through caring for him and being his 'parent' is now healthy for you. You can only do so much.

Have you thought that part of his 'digging in his heals' might be just to get at you??

Unless they are a child, mentally ill, intellectually disabled then it is not your job to force your choices on anyone else however sensible it might seem

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