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sponge bob
Are you supposed to feel weak after a heart attack?

Yes? My grandpa had a heart attack and he couldn't walk around for a long time, he also had trouble breathing.

Of course you will feel weak. You feel weak after a cold. It takes time to heal do not rush it

heart attacks can ruin some of the tissue and yes what more can you expect?

Laurence W
In a heart attack, a small or possibly a large part of your heart is deprived of oxygen, and may die. Your heart is the pump that provides energy for all the other cells in the body.

Imagine taking a large car with a large engine, and substituting various much smaller, less powerful engines. The big car would be a lot slower. That's how people are after a heart attack. But we can heal and recover if we're lucky.


its an attack on your heart. What do you think?

but a very minor heart attack may not be noticed at all. even so, you should have a doctor check it out, immediately.

Common Sense
I don't know.

I can tell you that for almost a year after my heart attack. I was weak all the time, could hardly talk a full sentence, slept almost all the time & couldn't walk more than a few feet.

I suspect that everyone reacts differently, depending on the type of damage. Mine was severe.

jalyssa e
i would be quite surprised if you didnt. your body just went through a major trauma. of course you would feel a bit weak.

Yes, after excerising lightly and taking things slowly you will be close to your normal self. Heart attacks can be devastating but strokes can be worse. From a stroke you make not be able to walk after.

Take things easy and take life for granted. I lost my great grandmother to a heart attack and didn't even get to say goodbye :(

Go here:

Anxiety attacks are similar to heart attack only not fatal like a heart attack and anxiety attacks wipe you out- you feel washed out, drained, even a headache, legs feel weak.
Coming from a family with a heart attack history, bypass and all sorts of heart problems- yes- it is normal. Allow yourself time to recoup- don't rush it, and DONT PUSH YOURSELF- most people who have heart attacks are bullheaded and stubborn so LISTEN! DONT OVER DO IT :0P
{{hugs}} feel better soon-

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