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Cherry P
An elderly person who has just had congestive heart failure, is it ok for him to eat pizza and drink 1/2a beer

NO! It is not ok. But check with the cardiologist.

Gypsy Rose
definitely not.

dont risk it.. better safe than sorry!

Dr. L
ask their doctor....

doktor smudge
No, the high GI will not do him any good whatsoever.

Elmer F
NO!!!!!!!!! The pizza is loaded w/sodium. They'll go right back into CHF. Lose the booze, too. Have some non-alcoholic instead.

Why would you want to make an elderly person totally miserable by denying them anything because you are greedy and want to keep them on this earth longer!!
Skaykrow and Cornbread are so totally correct!!

Order the pizza!! Let him have the beer!! Life is too short as it is!! Enjoy and savor every day with your elderly person!! Order the Death by Chocolate cake as well!!

We are only on this earth for a measured span of time. I would truly hate to be in my great aunt's shoes where her daughters are feeding her only what "is good for her according to the doctors"!! She is 98 years old!! She has no siblings left! She has no peers at all left!! No old school chums to sit and shoot the breeze with.

Feed your elder the foods he/she wants to eat!! Let them have their beer!

Skayrkroh is right. It boils down to quality of life. When living with congestive heart failure, as I do also, one has to make these choices more thoughtfully. You can't totally deny yourself indulgences you really enjoy, but you can limit your intake to reduce the risk. My weakness is Dr. Pepper -- and considering that I also have arrhythmia -- it's not the best choice of beverage for me. But I don't keep it in the house and I don't drink it everyday. When I do drink it, I savor it twice as much. Life is to be lived.

Cherry P~
I have congestive heart failure. I eat pizza and drink a beer or 2 on occasion. The biggest problem is the sodium in the pizza and retaining water from the beer. Whatever.
In the beginning we measured & counted every nibble and swallow- it was chaos and I was miserable. My biggest problems now are because I have a new, mechanical mitral valve and have to do the Coumadin thing- which bites. I also have a pacemaker / defibrulator- not because of any bad habits- because I had cancer 35 years ago...
IF this elderly person (I'm 47 now), doesn't have any new or replacement parts- the only limit should be how much they enjoy their life. Taking supplements like CoQ10, folic acid, Vitamin A, Super B, C & E, magnesium, eating bananas & drinking V-8 juice will help balance any bad diet choices. Life is short girlfriend- next time, YOU order the pizza and have them put extra cheese on it!
Nagging them or being overly worried will only bum them out. A postivie outlook is the best medicine. Attitude IS everything & I have the scars to prove it. Life is a beautiful adventure- make the most of it and laugh loudly often. Love you, God bless!

First CHF is a disease and it doesn't just go away.Usually it gets progressively worse.Don't add to the suffering by not sticking to a healthy diet.

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