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 What does a heart attack feel like?
because i have a pain in the middle of my chest when i take a deep breath/
Additional Details
just for more info
I dont smoke, my blood pressure is ok (checked regularly and I am ...

19 Year Old Dies From A Blood Clot?
I have a friend who was 19 or 20 and she recently died in her sleep from a blood clot that was too close to her heart. This now has me worried as to what caused it because i don't know what causes blood clots. She was overweight, but i don't know if that would have to do with it. Now that has me worried because of course i don't want that happening to me or anyone else i know so can anyone tell me what causes a blood clot like that this young, and how can you prevent that. She basically had a heart attack from what i was told.

tejaswini j
Basically your friend not died due to heart attack. She was obese to her age your friend died due to Pulmonary thrombo-embolism.Complaint was chest pain,congestion in chest.You dont have to worry because it is not a virus & not a air borne disease or resuscive diseases.If you see any patient of this condition then first had to get hospitalised.
So therefore basically to do blood test of PTTK with PT with INR

blood clots are pretty uncommon, dying from them is even more uncommon. the most common way of getting one is a blunt force injury. it causes the bloods platelets to pool, if this reaches the heart or brain, it can be deadly

Im so sorry to hear that.. I dont know much about that though.

Exercise destroys bloodclots. Run your butt off!

this is complicated...blot clot happen following a cascade...the factor are just to many...try saerch for it in medical website.

So sorry to hear that, its just one of those things, they say taking an asprin a day helps thin the blood, but you must check with your gp first.

shaz r
Blood clots are one of those things that happen from time to time and can be caused by a number of things. Being overweight can add to the risk I believe. Also being inactive during a long air flight.Smoking or a hard blow to a part of the body can also be a factor. It is unusual in one so young, but does happen. I shouldn't worry too much if I were you. The best person to see, to put your mind at rest, would be your doctor.

yes totally. Being overweight puts pressure on blood vessles, and restricts blood flow expecially if sitting in one position for too long. Hence the reason they warn you to wear flight socks on an airplane. ALso, people with blood conditions (Antiphosphid lipid syndrome) are at high risk, people with MS and other medical conditions. Best solution is to do what I need to (but dont)- drink LOTS OF WATER and become more active.

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