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 Help im in so much pain down there!?
iv been to see my gp who has told me i have cystittis, iv drank plenty of cranberry juice and water to try and ease the pain while im passing water, and my docter has given different types of cream ...

 What is wrong with my dads lower back? I think he pulled it and cant get up?
My dad was lifting my niece and pulled a muscle on his lower back I guess. He cant get up off the foor. Whats wrong and how can he fix it?
Additional Details
How can he get to the doctor?...

 How can I make the pain go away? =[
Well first I had toothache, but then it went into earache. And it really hurts, i've had a cocodamol [Sorry if I spelt it wrong] and i still have the pains. I have to have a tooth taken out but I...

 Cortisone Shots?
Help! Ive been told that because of a bulging disc in my lower back that is pinching my sciatic nerve I will require a series of cortisone shots. Has anyone out there had these shots? Let me know ...

 "stomach" [pains] ??
what do quick hurting pains that come and go outta no where, around the belly button ....like to the immeadiate left and right and sometimes in it???? Should i be concerned, it worries me but i'...

 !!!Shin splints!!!?
lately I have been "uping" my workouts, i have been increasing how far I run and where I run. In the past couple of days i have some serious pain in my shins. I think I may have Shin S...

 I feel really bloated everytime I eat the smallest thing...what's wrong with me?
I really don't know if "bloated" is the right term, but everytime I have a meal, I feel REALLY full & sluggish, even if I haven't had that much to eat. I sometimes feel ...

 I get pains in my back, hands, feet & joints - pretty much everywhere! any ideas?
First off it is important to point out that I am ONLY 19 years old. I feel sometimes that I have the body of an 80 year old with the pains I get.

It started of a few years back after ...

 Why doesn't anyone believe i'm in as much pain as i say?
For the past 5yrs I have dealt with Fibromyalgia and a bad case of it. I'm always in pain but when I talk to my family and friends they all say they think it's a mental thing even though I ...

 Thorn in my foot?
i was at the river yesterday and i stepped on this HUGE thorn. i couldn't even get it out myself i had to have my friend pull it out. it was bleeding really badly so i just went and jumped in ...

Can you walk barefoot on stones and it not hurt your feet?

yes. I have feet of steel. Years of going barefoot since early, early childhood... it pays off.

Not as easily as when I was a youngster, but yes, I can.

Ridin the storm out
ABSOLUTELY- As a child, the first day school was out, I would purposely run on the gravel to get my feet ready for summer break! After 40 years, my feet are still as tough as steel! LOL! What a NERD I was when I was a kid- but, living on a midwest farm, a kid does just about anything to break up the boredom. Take care & have a good day!

yes you can if you arent use to walking places barefoot it might be a tad uncoftoble at times but will soon get use to it

Yes. I've gone barefoot since I was a little girl every chance I get. It has toughened my feet, I can walk over some pretty rough surfaces. My husband is always amazed when he sees me walking down the gravel driveway barefoot to get the mail.

Ash W
Yes. I certainly do. It is just a matter of getting used to it. After a while your feet will dove lop calluses and you don't feel much.

Walking in bare feet makes you feel down to earth.

Yes, easily. I'm always barefoot, and rough surfaces like gravel are actually more interesting and pleasant than just soft grass or sand.

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