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 What happens that a person becomes a shemale?
Please give me a scientific reason.
Thanks beforehand....

 I know there aren't many people out there like this.But why do some people get into grotesque fetishes?
I do not have any fetishes...atleast bizzare ones that i know of......I started wondering a couple days ago...How do fetishes like this even start? : I've heard of some one the weirdest most ...

 What is the percentage of contracting AIDS if a man has unprotected with a carrier?

Additional Details
The first four answers Are dumb. I want to know the actual percentage, not some Conservative broad's brainwashed "100 %"...

 Is getting aids just a death sentence?

 What is the root cause of HIV+/AIDS?
We seem to not even scratching the surface of the problem whereas we need to understand the crux of it! We also have to honestly address ourselves to the root causes rather than the resultant effects....

 How can I tell him?
3 months ago I had got raped. I went to the doctor to get tested. I went back for the results and it said I was positive for Chlamydia. I was treated for it. Took all the medication that was given. I ...

Your cat playfully, digs his claws into the skin of someone with AIDS, then does it to your skin? Is this something to be concerned about? Serious answers only please....

 Is it possible to get misdiagnosed with herpes?

 I just found out that im pregnant, I HAVE HERPES can I deliver normally??? OR WILL MY BABY GO BLIND?

 Is there a way to cure a male yeast infection with household supplies?
Just always wondered since I was kid... I was always around medical stuff and learning about infections and diseases and wanted to know....

 How long does it take for symptoms of HIv to take place?

 Herpes on tonsils?
i have had strep on and off again for 3 months...but only once has it been diagnosed....the rest have been different. my tonsils are covered with white spots and my throat feels swollen and is quite ...

 Is he infected by aids?
blod of an hiv positive patient,after many days has enterred into my friend's blood . will he be affected by ...

 Can you still get a girl pregnant while giving anal, and can you get any std's or any disease?

 If you have *** with someone who has herpes, but use protection will you still catch it( if its type 2)?

Additional Details
i wouldn't have *** with someone with herpes i was just wondering b/c they say ware a condom it protects. Obz dont in this case i spose....

 What is STD?

 Herpes and trying to get pregnant?
Hello! My husband and I are planning on getting pregnant. The only problem is that he has type 2 herpes, and I do not. We use condoms and he also takes Valtrex every day. So, how do we reduce the ...

 Are the herpes cures true?
My best friend has herpes and I feel so bad for her I was looking things up to better understand it and I keep coming across these websites that talk about a cure for herpes. Has any one tried these ...

 I had a chlamydia test done on tuesday i haven't hered anything yet about the?
result if i did have std would my doctor of got in touch with me straight ...

 I have oral thrush?
I have a severe attach of oral thrush. I use a steroidal inhaler.
I also have discoid Lupus is there anything i can buy to help?...

Lost OC Boy
Crabs - unwanted parasite or America's hottest new pet?

Art The Wise
LOL.... Free pets for anyone willing to risk it.

ღ♥ Cutie RRT ღ♥
yeah yeah yeah hottest new petttt!!!!!!!!

they for sure aren't something new.

yuk fu 2 me 2
.....crabs were brought into america from canada dudes......its true.....america got it from hockey players.......there only baby size in america because theyve mutated,but in canada there as big as CATS i kid U not.....the people growing JACKSTRAW in BC use them as guard cats because the coppers dogs wont go anywhere near these critters and that buds ...4 U

You deserve your own personal perpetual colony forever and ever.

Auri D
I'm going to go with unwanted parasite.

Eric B 38
So juvenile, yet, funny....

Have you tried putting a leash on one of those little buggers?

you may be on to something...you could do a spin-off of the flea circus with your very own crab circus...walk it down the street, all the other ppl with dogs and cats would be so envious, they don't poop all over the place, no mess to clean up, relatively easy to feed, just put em in your crotch and go on about your business...who knows maybe they'll be hitting stores soon.... Crabs- coming to a crotch near you!

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