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Whats the best exercise to lose ur stomach fat??
I am not fat i wiegh about 130 but my stomach is not flat what exercise should i do to lose that extra baby fat??

Sam M
Situps and crunchs,and pull ups.

Stop eating and exercise. Running is the easiest and the best. If you put a wrap around your stomach in order to sweat more, is even better

well there's not really an exercise to loose fat in your tummy area... weight loss it pretty much even.. you can't spot pick where you want to loose weight.. but you can do general cardio so you loose the weight and do crunches on an exercise ball and pilates are great too to tone the tummy.
Best of luck to you!

cut back on snack foods...drink lots of water. walking & good ol fashioned sit ups!

girly girl
Set up, riding a Cowboy

Well first off you will need to go on a diet. Cut out every junkfoods you have and if you get hungry in the afternoon try drinking water to make yourself full. Next try sleeping early, because you will need to wake up early in the morning to jog for 1 hour, minimum of 30 minutes(DO NOT eat anything except for a banana and a glass of water before you run in the morning). After that try running 3 more times in the afternoon (1hour or 30 minutes each jog) Try not to stop while you r jogging, at at the same pace. Do different types of abominal exercises(crunches, situps, reverse leg crunch, side crunch, captain's chair etc.)Choose 3 exercises for your abs, and do 2 sets of 35 reps or more for each exercise every hour, if you can. stretch out your abs before and after you work them out. One last tip, DO NOT EAT PAST SIX O'CLOCK.

jeff b
The push away. It's where you push away from the table faster.

Get a sensible diet plan, cardio, and any kind of AB exercise.

Eat small portions (and healthy)...run! do sit ups...as many as you can every single night before bed!!! you WILL see results if you keep it up...now if i could only get myself to do it...

i have both abbe lounge or bow flex.

island girl
Kat, try this: get on the floor on your knees with your back straight. Use a cushion or something if it hurts. Then slowly lean back, bending at the knees and keeping the rest of your body rigid. You'll feel it in your thighs and butt too. Slowly and steady wins the race. As you get stronger you'll be able to lean back farther but don't throw your body, rise back to an upright position just as slowly. Start with ten reps a couple times a day until you get strong enough to do about 50. Better than "crunches".

I think situps and crunches are probably the best exercise for that.

Walking and doing some ab exercises that worked for me !!

if u find the answer plz email me! lol im still trying after 2 yrs!:(

sit up's

about 25 crunches a day its best to do it at night or in the morning when you first wake up

Standing and bending your body in the front ... morning and evening. You should not sit for a long time.

I would suggest sit ups

ShortcutHerbal Goody
Twist and walk briskly at least a mile a day. Yes you can do brief stops while walking!
Richard Simmon says he does it every day!

first off all you should notice if it is fat of your muscles are flacid,if it is fat you need diet and excercising,if it is flacid muscle(protruding belly)just excercise.if it does not work liposuction would be another option if it is really annoying for you

walking, honestly do alot of walking.

put both hands against the side of your dining table and shove hard, then stand up and walk away after eating half of your servings.

Ab king pro... it really works

guudguy g
How to make my stomach flat

How to lose bellyfat?

The Best Exercises To Lose Weight

ok girl..i have the same situation!! lol ok, wat u should do is just do a lot of crunches every day like 100 or something and also eat a lot of salads and healthy stuff...but u can sneak in a candy bar here and there lol girls gotta have flat stomachs for bikinis so do wat i just told u and it will work...but u hav to do it everyday for like a month or more...then u will see some abs and a real flat tummy...GOOD LUCK!!!

T loose stomach fat you have to go run like 30 or 1 hour and then after that you have to do 100 crunches every day.

me w
I lost mine with crunches and cardio, but it does take time. Leg lifts can help the lower belly fat. It takes dedication, which is hard with a baby, but it will eventually go away if you stick with it. It took me about six months on my first baby and almost a year on the second.

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