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 How many breaths do you take in one minute?

 When to go to doctor?
my daughter has had a cought for almost 2 weeks now and it gets worse when she goes outside or is doing a lot of running around.she has freqent asthma so not sure if it is that.i have had her on ...

 Is an Upper Respiratory Infection contagious??
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What does black dots mucus and foul smell in stool mean.?
i havent been well for 7 weeks.slight dizziness and unsteadiness when i walk.numb feelngn right hand and.the same in my face.blod tests and chest xray came back clear.Does this always mean something serious or can it b something less frighting.valid advice appreciated.

bad bob
been eating to much Magog mushrooms

nic nac
Speak to your doctor.

mr bigs
You might get a second opinion from the private hospital below,in view of your own doctor being unable to explain these symptoms upto now.

Go to a different doctor and tell all symptoms. It sounds serious. Maybe go to the ER today. They will get u in quicker.

johnfrancis 01
Get yourself checked out again! sounds serious to me . second opinion me thinks.

The Tank
Possible blood in your stools.
If it is then it may be serious or just internal haemorroids. You won't be happy unless someone tells you one way or the other.

Take samples (in clean tupperware) to your local surgery. If the GP won't take you seriously then go straight to your local hospital A&E and ask for the sample to be tested.

hey dude i bet your worried i dont blame u but the best thing to do is get a stool sample no point wasting precious time on here when your life could be at risk.

Make an appointment asap

take care mate all the best.

Hope all goes well xxx

Hmm... visit doctor or ask strangers on the internet... There's a tough call...

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