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Sarah P
Short of breath, not enough oxygen?
I woke up last night, because I wasn't breathing. This has happened to me a few times in the last couple months, but it was never a big deal i just went back to sleep and every thing was ok. This time I woke up and it felt like I wasn't getting enough oxygen, I was kind of hyperventilating my heart was beating very fast and my whole body was shaking! I went to the emergency room and they took my ekg and a chest x-ray but everything was normal. I felt like that for about 4 hours, And then today in the middle of the day I got that feeling again 3 times. I am so freaked out. Especially because the doctors don't know what it could be.
I keep telling my self that I am ok and it might be in my head, but I was busy and my mind was somewhere completely else and it started happening.
Can somebody tell me what that could be, or how to make breathing easier when it happenes again???

its always better to be safe than sorry go get an EKG but i think ur having an anxiety situation ppl can have panic attacks that wakes them from thier sleep breath less

Tim R
Don't eat before bed.

Believe it or not your body can actually stop breathing for roughly 10-20 seconds during a deep sleep depending on the dreams your having. I woke up completely purple because I had a dream where i was drowning. If you are worried about it I suggest that you see a doctor as soon as you can.. Good luck and i wish you all the best!

Sleep apnea. It has ruined many a night of sleep for me. It is a medical condition where you stop breathing while you sleep. Mine is partially allergies. Get a rescue inhaler. It can help you get your breath back.

It sounds like you could be having panic or anxiety attacks.

It could be a common thing known as sleep apnea. Im actually surprised none of the ER doctors said anything to you about it because thats exactly what it sounds like to me - tho Im no doctor. I just know ppl with the problem. Its very common to ppl who are over weight but can happen to anyone really. Id suggest that you go see a eyes, ear, throat doctor (who may recommend a sleep study for you). I wouldnt start freaking out about your heart. Chances are this is a sleep thing - thats the common factor here. If your heart was bothering you and you stopped breathing when you were awake THEN you worry about that. Otherwise youre just giving yourself - and your heart - unneeded stress. Good luck with everything and DONT WORRY ;-)

↑↓ ounɹq ↑↓
I know someone who suffered from the same problem. It apparently is a rare sleeping disorder. Go to a sleep clinic ! It is very harmless apparently but could be dangerous if untreated (at an older age so don't panic) ... I will ask him what the disorder is called and update my answer, so check back !

PS. I am pretty sure it is the same condition as he explained the symptoms to me in detail before the diagnosis was made. For years his condition was not diagnosed properly until he went to a sleep clinic.

UPDATE: I just called him. The disorder is called "Sleep Apnea"

You can find more information here:


I think the feeling you experience during the day however are anxiety attacks because you are worried about your nocturnal experiences. See a doc and go to a sleep clinic !

I'm not a doc but can tell you it's not your heart so ...

DON'T PANIC ! You'll be fine !

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