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 I got into a fight last night and got stuck in the jaw.?
I got into a fight last night and got stuck in the jaw. I woke up this morning and imagine that it hurts. What do i do?
Additional Details
I got into a fight last night and got stuck in ...

 My boyfriend as pain in most of his joints?

My boyfriend gets a lot of joint pain what can he try to stop this?

With out taking to many pain killers can anyone help?


 Why is it that some ppl who take narcotics get put to sleep and all drugged up?, while as others like myself ?
get wired and are up all night with their minds racing and still in pain
Additional Details
ladies and gentlemen are u saying that the doctors are not giving me enough of what my body ...

 I have had a headache for the last 16 days.?
My headache came on suddenly and felt like someone drilling into the back of my skull. Since then that pain has gone but I have had a constant headache. The pain is not touched by drugs, have tried ...

 Belly button pain.......?
For a week now I've been having pain around my belly button it will come and go but lately its been getting stronger.. and also i have really bad lower back pain.. i don't know what it ...

 My wisdom tooth on one side is coming through and the pain is unbearable.......?
the pain from my wisdom tooth that is coming through is really painful, i cant eat on it and i can hardly eat on the other side either. it feels like its growing into my cheek and i am pretty sure ...

 What can i use to cure back pain?
ive had back pain for 2 years and i also get a sore neck. ive tried new pillows but nothing works. i was wonderin if theres anything herbal i can take....

do people take hydrocodone to get high?...

 I can't bear it anymore...please need help?
Well, yesterday was throat was itching.i woke up in the night feeling damn cold;i was shivering and needee two blankets to be able to sleep. This morning, i woke up feeling dizzy and i am having a ...

 Having tingling feeling in my arms and nubnes cna somone help.?

 Does anyone get pains in the bridge of the nose in between the eyes like pressure?

 What causes dizzy spells and than a dull headache?
I have fibromyalgia and was wondering if that will cause yu to get dizzy and than get a ...

 I feel dizzy and weak?
I feel dizy and weak. I have felt this way for about 3 and a half weeks. It's getting progressively better though. But, it seems that in the past week or so I am sensitive to sound. If people ...

 What's the difference between Codeine and Hydrocodone?
In the past, I have taken Vicodin which did a good job treating my pain without making me drowsy. My doctor just prescribed Tylenol with Codeine which just completely knocked me out. Does Codeine ...

 Sharp stabbing pain in the heel of the foot??
I have started, in the past week or so to get a real sharp stabbing pain in the heel of my left foot. It is a strong enough pain to make you cry out, but will only last between 10 seconds and a ...

 How do i run on a sore ankle?
I have a hockey game tonight and I need to run on it. I hurt my ankle yesterday, its bruised and swollen but I need to play, any suggestions on how to make it not hurt?
Additional Details<...

 Hurting heels?
my husband has been having trouble with his heel hurting
when he gets out of bed in the mornings when he gets going hes ok but only hurts when he stands on it what could that ...

 Does anybody actually like pins and needles?
You know when you realise that your leg has gone numb because you have been sitting on it for ages. Do you dread or look forward to the mad pins and needles sensation as your leg slowley comes back ...

 Do you think it is possible for the muscle in your arm to be damaged by an injection.?
I had an injection last year, which left my arm quite sore and red and swollen. The muscle has got worse over the past few months , to the point I can't stretch above my head. I have just been ...

 Possible to feel the pain of a gunshot to the brain?

Recently my father passed away from a gunshot to the back right (If you are looking face to face) of his skull, it lodged into his brain. He was not killed immediately, when I found ...

lynn c
I am on my feet 10 to 12 hours a night my feet are killing me my heels feel like their are rocks in them ...?

I feel your pain. No s#*t, I work as a bartenderwaitress & I run after my kid all day.... Just know there are throbbing feet & cramping calves there with you.

Maybe you have planters faciitis. It feels like rocks in your heals. You maybe able to get special insoles for your shoes that will help out a lot. A friend of mine said she bought some Birkestock shoes and they were the most comfortable things she had ever worn. They are made in Germany and arnet cheap but how much are comfortable feet worth to you.

I walk on cement floors all day at work for about 10 hours a day (we only sit at break time and lunch) so I know what you feel like - best advise - invest in some good shoes.

Heavy Metal
I know what that feels like. Try a set of doctor scholls shoe inserts they will do wonders. Also make sure that you have good shoes. If you are on your feet a lot they mite just be wore out. I am a Med Tech and have wore out a good pair of $85.00 Nike's in six month's.

are you crazy?

You have to wear good shoes that support your feet and socks that let you feet breathe. Put your legs up at above heart level for an hour after you come home from work. This helps the blood to equalize in your body. Use a large pillow for that. Good shoes and having a Dr look at your feet would help with your pain.

Buy GOOD sneakers for work (cross trainers!). I got a good pair of New Balance cross trainer shoes for $65, and I LOVE them. I have heel spurs, and it's painful...take anti-inflamatory meds (ibuprofin). Stretch your calves every day (it really does help), and put orthodics in your sneakers. The pain can go away without cortisone shots, I promise!

juliet n
its all about the shoes you wear. i am in the same situation and had to go through 4 different pairs of shoes until i found the right ones, and using insoles help too.

Then come off the game

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