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I am 15 year old boy and 5ft 8inches tall, can I still grow taller?

woodson w
sure you are still growing.,, you are not done yet kiddo

Abdhul Hassan Mhabdul
Men generally continue growing until age 19, some even go into their 20's.

Monai H
of course.. ur just 15 yrs old!

your gonna be pretty tall.
if you really want to know how tall
look around your family
see how tall others are.
there you will have an estimate of how tall you will grow.
you will stop growing around 18 or 21;)
good luck

i wish i was as tall as you :(:(

anyway..you've got till the age of 25 to grow taller...but for a girl - 21

You have few more years but im 14 and 5' 9.25"you will ost likely catch up
don't worry
you can't change it so its not worth worrying over
"what you can change with worrying, has no business being worried about" =) e-mail me lol im bored

Tessa L
guys can grow into their early 20s.
if you ever get an xray taken of like your ankles, wrists, etc. ask the doctor if your growth plates have closed...that's a good indication.

I 2
don't get your hopes so high it depend on your genes

Definitely. Not sure about how much but I can tell you that I have gone from about 5'10'' at 15 to 6'4''. I am now twenty if that gives you any context. You will probably hit 6' or more.

you still have 3-4 more years possibly more, so yes

Silvie G
Yes. Boys grow until they are over 20 years old...lucky them!

You too your parents and family members. And see how tall they are. That should give you a good idea on how tall you well be

ur taller than me ***** and iam 37 !!!!

yes. You're 8 inches taller than me!

YES! You will likely have a growth spurt on or around your 18th birthday... even beyond.

That depends on a number of things. Genetics, luck, how many houses you've egged...

yes...u stop growin ithink its when ur 18 or 21...but nomatter what yea there still is!!!

Patrice C
oh yea baby i think you men stop at 18/19, you're a good size for your age now anywaiz and if you dont grow, at least your over 5 7', THATS short!!!

Maybe, two to four inches more, in about two years time! good luck!

Susan Yarrawonga
You will probably peak at 5'11 at the age of 18 when boys usually stop growing.

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