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Sarah M
What's wrong with my heart?
I'm 13 years old, and this year something I've never experianced before was, when I do excersie (sports, running) Sometimes, not all the time, my heart beats really really fast. But its beating so fast I can feel it in my stomach, shoulders, all over. It really scares me...

My mom took me to the doctor, and i had a EKG taken.. And since it was my first time with one of these type of tests, my heart was beating fast, just because I was nervous. Will it come out like bad?

My doctor says when I'm calm my heart beat is 102, and he said the average is 100.

What's wrong.. =/

Most probably, there is nothing wrong. If there was a serious problem with the EKG, the doctor would have let you know right then and there.
If by small chance your heart does beat too fast, there are medications and treatments that will help.
Don't worry, chances are, that a 13 year old girl does not have heart disease.

It is perfectly normal for your heart to race when you are active. That is what your heart is made to do. The more you move the more oxygen your body needs and the heart beats faster to compensate. Are you thin? That could be why you feel it in your stomach, or it could just be a little anxiety because you are so aware of your increased heart rate.

You went to the doctor and everything checked out good, so there is probaly nothing to worry about.

When you go thru puberty, your body may react to things in different ways. Just the regular growth spurts, body re-organizing, can cause the things you mention, to some extent.

Get your tests done, but dont worry about it too much, til your doc gives you something to worry about.

Get plety of rest at night, eat well, and that will keep your body fueled to deal with your changing body.

Nothing, thats absolutely normal, you're just taking this out of proportion. Its just your veins pumping harder and your body will start to ache, and becomes more sensitive and tired.

I really wish I knew sorry Kid, My own older brother had heart problems, but none like that, but I don't know maybe a blast of adrenaline?

The poster above me is sadly misinformed. Your veins do not pump blood - only your heart pumps blood. What you are experiencing is probably not completely normal, but doesn't necessarily indicate a serious problem. What was the result of your EKG?
Sometimes, we experience heart palpitations - where we can actually "feel" our heart beating. 102 is a bit tachycardic (fast heart beat) - but I am not trained in pediatrics, so perhaps this is normal for a 13-year old.
If your doctor said that your EKG is normal, then it probably is. Are you having any other symptoms? If you are that afraid, or have symptoms like lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting, etc., go to see another doctor and get a second opinion. But it's impossible to diagnose anybody over the internet, especially without seeing an EKG or performing a physical examination/tests.
Good luck.

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