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 Do color contacts need a prescription?
i want to buy colored contacts, but i want to know if their is any risk if i buy them in a corner store where they sell clothes....

 I'm myopic (-2.50), is it healthier for my eyes if I wear my glasses all the time, or just every now and then?

 What eye drops are recommended to be used for general eye health are care?
eyes prone to allergy symptoms....

 Bi-focal contact lenses: What's my problem?
Hello all-

Here's my problem. I am very near sighted. Without glasses or contact lenses, I can see the tiniest of print. Not as well if I wear reading glasses over regular contact ...

 I need a vitamins for the eyes.?
i am 35 and wearing contact lence for a decade now and i am tired of using those lence but i am afraid of operation or laser, this is not a cataract, i might say that i am a nearsighted i felt about ...

 Why are my eyes watering????
just recently my eye has have started to water a ton and sting totally randomly! like i'll just be sitting there (or today, marching) and it'll start watering and stinging a lot. in fact,...

 White part in the eye otherwise know as the sclera.?
I have very bright white eyes. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about that. If it could mean I'm healthy or not so much because my blood vessels are not visible. It could mean nothing, I&...

 Would contacts be a better option over glasses?
Okay so I have an appointment to get my eyes checked and I haven't done it since 2003. Anyways, I've always worn glasses but I was thinking about switching over to contacts so I need some ...

 Question for contact wearers?
Okay..when you put contacts in do they sometimes feel a little itchy for the first couple minutes? I've had my contacts for about 10 months..and sometimes when I put them in they itch and feel ...

 What is the best way to sterilize my contact lens case?
i always see glitter and other little tiny particles at the bottom of my contact lens case... i know its really germy! how do i sterilize it safely?...

 Soft drinks and eyes?
I wonder, are there any links between drinking soft drinks (especially diet soft drinks) and decreasing vision? Drinking diet soft drinks is one of my vices (and probably my only vice when it comes ...

 My friends say that I look better without my glasses on...?
My friends say that I look ALOT better without my glasses on, so I went to costco to try on contacts. I just couldn't get close to my eye without me freaking out. Is there anything I can do to ...

 Is this eye prescription high?
20/150 for the right eye & 20/175 for the left. I also want to ask why some eyeglass lenses are thicker at the sides than at the middle, and some are just flat or have the same thickness at all ...

 A question regarding continuous wear contact lenses?
I have been wearing continuous wear lenses for a couple of years now, and have always been told that as long as they are changed every 30 days that they are ok to leave in all the time, I have also ...

 Whats with the things in your eyes in the morning?
Yeh ya know when you wake up in the morning and at the bottem corners of your eyes theres that stuff.What it is and please dont answer eye boogers.......

 Bright spot when i blink??!?
i havebeen getting a tiny bright spot in my eye every time i blink
(it happens every now and then)
its the same as you get after someone has taken a pic of you aith a flash cam!!

 Opthalmologist or optometrist?
if i just need a routine eye exam and i haven't had my eyes check in about 2-3 years, which one do i go to? would it really matter?
Additional Details
forgot to add...a few years ...

 Lasik surgery?
I was considering getting lasik surgery, i was wondering does anybody know the price? or does a medical card cover the expenses?...

 Contact lens issues - do i really have to live with this?
Well, i've tried a good few lenses, and none have been brilliant - i've settled for a rare pair of bausch and lomb ones, given the advice that if they're not that bad, i should just ...

 New glasses tip?
Just got glasses yesterday and never realized how bad my vision was till I put them on. It's amazing!!! Anyway, will I have to worry about little spots getting irritated for a while or does ...

How long does it usually take to get used to new glasses...just got progressive bifocals yesterday...?

Put them on and leave them on. You won't notice in about three hours.

Leona W
It is probably gonna take you up to a week.
Especially with the bifocals -- take them off for
a few minutes each hour, and see if that helps.
I had to take Motrin for headaches too.

Dawn R
it will be a couple of weeks. your eyes need to adjust to them. you will learn to know were to look for reading and viewing out. the lens get stronger going down, so your eyes need to learn to know where to look. far medium close. good luck

about 2 weeks...as long as you wear them like you are supposed to. you may end up with a headache for a day or so.

APC 1655
Did they explain how the bifocal works? The top is for distance, it then tunnels the next is the the range of you computer/ or dashboard the last is a small area for reading. You must find the reading area and once you do you need to move your head to read. Like point you nose where you want to read. If it looks fuzzy in the distance then you need to go in and have them move the nose-pads out. This will drop the bifocal down so you aren't getting into the mid section. If you think the bifocal is a little low have them move the nose pads in. This will raise the bifocal up so you can read easier. Some people adjust a little faster than others. Just give them a chance. Just learn to move your head. Before you know it you will be doing it without thinking. Hope this helps

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