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 Is it better to rinse your mouth with water after you brush?
I rinse my mouth out with water after i brush and i heard that some people just spit out the remaining toothpaste in their mouth and don't rinse. Will your teeth be whiter if you rinse or if you ...

 I HAVE A TOOTHACHE WHATS A whole clove ??

 I am getting my wisdom teeth out on Mon. I have a birthday party sat. Should i stay away from Drinking??
I am getting put out for it and getting all four pulled. They are sideways. Also i have no spleen. I dont know if i should drink or not..please help, also what is the procedure for getting wisdom ...

 Does getting braces hurt?
When you're getting braces for the first time (the dentist is putting on the braces), does the dentist give you any shots to make your gums numb? Or does the dentist just stick the braces on ...

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Did you have tro go into Hospital?...

 Inability to get a Dentist is driving me crazy...?
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 Do you see your Dentist first thing in the morning just to get gassed?

 Scared . wisdom teeth getting pulled.?
so i have to get all four of mine pulled out and i have a couple questions ...

1. hows the pain WHILE they pull ?
2. is it better to get them all pulled at ONCE or two at a time ?

 How best do i clean my teeth?

 Help how do you get rid of bad breath?
I hate it .I feel ...

 Should i get braces?
i know that i need braces.
and like my dentist says that i need to get 4 teeth extracted?
i want straight teeth yet i fear the pain..
if i was to start the treatment now. i fear that ...

 Is chewing gum good for teeth or bad?

 I've just made my first dentist appointment in YEARS ...?
WIll I live to regret it?...

 I have red gums, what do I do?
I have red gums, they might be a little swollen its hard to tell, they don't bleed when I brush them, and there not sore to the touch, any ideas on what should I ...

 Is it possible to get 2 cavities on the same tooth?
i was just checking on my teeth to make sure there were no cavities but i think i found 2 on one tooth! i find that hard to beleive though because i brush my teeth twice a day everyday and i chew ...

 Healing gums?
My gums, on the sides of my mouth hurt and bleed when i brush them. Im sure to brush each part of them for at least 10 seconds, it hurts so much it makes my eyes water. Is there any way to help it ...

Can I pull out my wisdom tooth myself?
It hurts when I chew can I grip it with pliers and pull it out myself?

dick h
Sure...but the worst thing that could happen is you die

u can but u probably will die from blood loss

why would you want to do that?

are you nuts?!

ShuShu Fontana
i'd pay to see someone do that!

Um no I don't think thats a good idea lol

i dont think that is a very smart idea.
and why would you want to do that to yourself anyway.
dentist is better.

No... I'm sorry but that could really mess up your face. A dentist pulled my mother's tooth incorrectly and she suffered major nerve damage and needed Gamma Knife surgery! If you try to pull you tooth you could really pay for it for the rest of your life. Go to your dentist and good luck!

No your tooth is embedded deep in bone. if you try to just pull it you are going to fracture your bone and may require surgery to clean it out. Wisdom teeth often require surgery to be removed anyway so you would not be able to just yank it out. Go to the dentist.

Dr. H
No definitely not. You could do major damage if you do not know what you are doing. See a dentist.

Carrie D
Oh no.....don't do that. The dentist numbs it and after the numbness wears off it still hurts, so imagine the pain of actually pulling it yourself. No way, go to an oral surgeon.

Cherry Blossom
I know that you cannot pull it out yourself. You can seriously injure yourself and wisdom teeth are not like the rest of your teeth..although don't pull out any teeth yourself. Just bite the cost of a dentist and allow them to do their job. If you are worried about cost then their are dental schools and dental programs that can assist you.

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