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Why when you're sick do you feel ok during the day and then begin to feel worse as night falls?

hi,I have experienced tis.as in morning hours u feel people around u working around.But at night u really want someone to be near you to make u feel good.U can't bear the sickness,feel lonely,disturbed as brain alerts u more that u r sick.

david m
because you feel etter from your night of sleep but then it wears off so take naps ;-)

Body tires as the day goes on so you get a little sicker due to fatigue.

Because your body is slowing down,preparing to rest and doesn't fight off the effect of the illness as well.

When you are sick, your body needs all its energy for fighting the sickness. When you are resting in bed, it had little to do other than fight the illness. If you are up and about, including moving and eating, then your body has to worry about giving energy for muscles movement, fighting off the little germs you encounter during the day, perceiving things you see and hear, etc., plus digesting food as you eat it, lot of work when it'a already working hard, so by the end of the day, your body starts running out of energy to fight everything and you feel more sick.

Many times I feel worse right when I get up, and then in the evening.

My theory on the morning is sometimes it takes your body some time to get moving and warmed up, and when you do, you don't feel as cruddy.

As for feeling worse in the evening, when you are sick your body is being attacked, it can only hold our for so long before it get exhausted. Your body can't hold up as long and needs more downtime to fight the infection.

And you feel worse in the morning too - afternoons are a great place to be when you are sick!

It's different to everyone. Some people feel worse during the day. Maybe it's because you lay down, and the blood rushes to your head (That makes toothaches worse).

some virus' affect people diffently... get it checked out by a Doctor...

Because you're more tired at night than during the day. Since you're sick, you feel the fatigue moreso than when you are well. Also, if you haven't been drinking enough fluids through the day, you might be dehydrating and that could add to the severity of the fatigue.

I think it's because your body hasn't rested for so long and you've been awake all day

WTF? !!!!
yes, why is that?

I think it is because our body is getting tired.

Its also true that everyone's pain is worse at night. In part, during the day you have distractions to keep you occupied-work, tv, computer, other people. At night when its quiet and without distractions , we tend to notice these problems more and so they seem worse.

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