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Why is it that mostly white kids have Autism, I do not see or hear about Black or Hispanic kids having Autism?

black snake
mmmmm dunno. and autistic kids seem to be quite attractive kids - symmetrical faces etc dunno why?

I work for a Head Start program, and from my own personal experience, Autism does not discriminate between race. There may be cultural differences so that it may go undetected till an older age sometimes. Unfortunately, early intervention (ages 2-5) is the best time to get services for children with an autistic disorder.

There tooo dumb to realize....(LOL) ONLY KIDDING...

I am white and live in an area where blacks and mexicans are more dominate in population. I see alot of other children besides whites who have those disorders. I am also a nurse and ADHD & Autism doesn't just attack white children and to tell you the truth Doctors are way to quick to diagnos them with these disorders. I have a sister who is now 14.5 and who has ADHD, Austism & OCD.

It's a genetic disorder. It does affect other races besides caucasions, but it is more common in caucasions simply because of genetic probability.

I wouldnt necessarily say that Blacks & Latino children don't have autism its just that we all deal with it in our own way. Whites are more prone to go on national tv & say "my child has autism that doesn't make them weired just special" my ppl (black & latin) we keep it within our own circle, we feel the world is cruel enough to our childern that we will shelter & support them, and protect them as uch as possible from any other outside interference in their lives. I had a neighbor whose child is autistic & he would bolt out of the house every chance he could get, weather he had clothes on or not, he would scream just because hit, bite, kick, then be calm cool & collected liked nothin ever happened. At first I thought he was just acting up to get attention until my mother rold me he was autistic, & I understood y they kept mostly to themselves, & y they tried to keep him in the house unless he was going to school, or to kingdom hall, or the doctor or just for a family outing. I never really understood wht the family of these children went through or felt until I met & fell inlove wit that lil boy. I will not usse his name out of respect for him & his family, but, I will say 1 thing "If ur reading this thank you for coming into my life, & reaffirming the passion to becaome a pediatrician. I thank u & I luv u my brother"

That's because you can't even tell they have it and/or their parents don't care to fix it.

Yea, they just call the black kids mentally retarded.

I think its because Black or Hispanic parents are less likely to see doctors or get a diagnosis, when White parents will look for answers if their children are having difficulities in school or socially. Black and Hispanic people have an innate distrust of authority and/or doctors, and are more likely to dismiss childrens problems with an attitude of "all they need is a good whooping."

My mom is a Resource Specialist at a predominately Hispanic elementary school. Most of her kids are black and Hispanic and most of them are Autistic. It just depends on the racial statistics of the area you are concerned with. I think she only has one white kid that has reading delays the rest are Autistic or have Autistic characteristics.

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