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 After I eat I feel ill, and have nausea and this has been going on for two weeks....what do you think is wrong
I have not changed my diet or anything, and I use to love soda and now I drink it and it makes me feel sick.It's almost like I have tin taste in my mouth. Even thinking about eating Chinese food ...

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 What can you take to dissolve a blood clot?

 A cut on my leg is leaking "water"?
I cut my leg, at first it bled........ now it is leaking what appears to be water......... it soaked through the band-aid. Why would water be coming out of my leg?????
Additional Details<...

 What is the crure for a bee sting?
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i dont get how u ...

 Should Prozac be placed in public water supplies, or sprayed from crop dusters?

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 Is it legal to charge a patient a fee of $59 to have records sent from one doctor to another due to moving.?

 How can i make my ear pop?
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 Have you ever had really bad sunburn write your story here?
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 A little wooden splinter in my finger..been there for about 2 weeks?
i have a little splinter in my little finger and i cant get it out, its been there abot 2 weeks now, its from archery. i was pulling the string and the string came off and i got a splinter..the thing ...

 If a ring is getting ready about to cut your circulation, and you can't get it of, what do you do?
I need answers fast I've had it on for about 9 hours now because I fell asleep with it on. Please, I don't want my finger to be amputated!!...

 If my infected wound gets anymore swollen...?
...what should I do to it?

I know in some cases, doctors make you pick it and peel the hard skin off and clean it out, but I'm not a doctor, so I'm not taking any risks, unless ...

 My bro cut his finger badly and went to the ER. They put stiches but it keeps bleeding. what should we do?
We can see that it is still bleeding b/c there were a few drops of blood that went through the bandaid. Does that mean that they didnt do the stiches properly?...

Why does holding a cut over the head reduce bleeding?

Average Joe
Because it reduces the heart's ability to pump blood to that location. It essentially has to pump blood uphill.

if its anywhere above your heart the flow to the area slows its just a matter of your blood flow not being strong enough to fight gravity i suppose

Blood has trouble going up that high thanks to gravity.

limits blood flow

You actually wasted 5 points to ask a stupid a** question like that?

The blood flows back down to your heart and your body. It doesn't flow very well above the head.

Stopping Bleeding
For deep cuts the most important first aid is to apply pressure with a thick dressing or a clean towel to stop the bleeding. If a person has cut their arm, lift the arm above their head — if it's their leg that has been hurt, sit the person down and lift their leg up higher than their heart — this will slow down the blood flow and limit blood loss. Take them to a doctor if the cut won't stop bleeding, if it is unusually long or ragged or if it is too big for skin closures to keep it together.

The blood has trouble trying to pump the blood when the arm is elevated.

It's not really holding it over your head that is critical, it is just holding it over your heart. Your heart has to work harder courtesy of gravity to pump blood to points above the heart.


It's not so much "over your head", but it's the concept of keeping the wound above your heart, so blood does not flow so easily thru the wound. If you hang it down to your side, you would feel it throb....thus keeping it above heart level would reduce that and help stop bleeding.

The blood flow won't reach over your head.

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