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 My face is on fire!! PLEASE HELP!!?
I was online looking for homemade exfoliators & read this one site about putting kraft miracle whip on their face for 10 mins & then washing it off & all the dead skin is gone & your ...

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what could it be a pimple or some thing it has no white head though<...

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 Can you burn your skin if you have a very hot shower?

i went to the beach and got really bad sunburn does anyone know any treatment that will work and not a vinagar bath that dont work
Additional Details
i cannot use aloe it dries your skin ...

 I got stung by a bee on my foot can it kill me?
all i did was take out the stinger...but can it kill me? I'm not allergic to bees.
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its been about 5 hours since i got bit and now I'm at ...

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 I have a friend who cuts herself on her shoulder.?
I have a friend who cuts herself on her shoulder. When she brings the topic up (she often does) should I support her, or tell her to change? Please help me!!

 I am thinking of crazy-gluing my brother's lips shut while he is sleeping for a prank. Is this dangerous?

 What is infantilism?
I've heard the term used before and have no idea what it means. Is it some type of disease? is ita type of person? What is your opinion about it?...

 What's the the remedy to get rid of a very bad cold that makes your voice come and go?

Why do men have round fat stomachs but women have fat rolls?

because men wear their pants under their stomach. Most womens pants are worn up towards the belly button whis is half way up the stomach. Do that for any kind of time and you will cut a line into your fat stomach and turn it into 2 rolls.

because they like food and don't exercise

that is how we are made


buffy fan
Women have hips, so the fat creates rolls around them.

because god made u like that

citizen high
One drink too much beer , the other eat alot of ice cream .

women tend to store fat in different places because we r the ones who have the babies, the fat is distributes a little unevenly though heheh
hope that helps

Not necessarily, but women naturally have the belly that is on the lower stomach, ever notice when larger women pull their pants up on some of their stomach curves? Women have more defined waistlines, so it kind of results in "rolls". It's mostly because girls congest fat in the lower stomach and guys keep in straight in the belly more.

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