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 How can i get over flu or cold without using medican? any foods of juices?
i was wondering how i could get over a cold or the flu without having to use medican. i always think just drinking lots of juice.

see to me, medican can make symptoms worse then they ...

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Just curious....

 Should i go to the Hospital if i fall onto a Safety Pin?
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 Ladies...Do you prefer your man to trim, shave or full bush?

 As a woman have you ever bitten someone so hard that it was nasty and gross?
a) broke the skin slightly.
b) broke the skin deeply.
c) needed stitches 1 to 5.
d) needed stitches 5 to 12
e) removed a chunk

Please ...

 How do you take a shower with an arm cast on?
i really need some good ideas. i am stuck in this thing for 3 weeks....

 Iam a student of engineering.for the past 6 months im very deppressed.how can i come out of deppression.?

 Anyone out there know anything about anxiety/panic attacks. Any natural solutions how to conquer this?

 How to tell if you have a bug in your ear?
My friend is freaking out because he thinks that he has a bug in his ear and that its going to lay eggs in his brain...(pretty stupid...i know!) I tried to tell him to calm down but he's still ...

 How do you get watter out of your ear?
Hey I need some help! I just came back from my friends pool party and both my ears got pluged with water. My left ear popped 30 min. ago, and now my right ear won't pop!! And it is anoying me SSS...

 Is it dangerous for children to go in a hot tub? Why?
I've heard that it is but never actually heard why that is-The kids are 7 and 10 yrs old-what kind of risks are associated with them spending time in the hot tub?...

 Would a saline solution be any good to treat an outer ear infection?
i got an ear infection,i do a lot of swimming,i have a flight in 3 days and want to get it seen to quick would this help lastnight i put some cleaning oil on because i though it might be blocked but ...

Why do i get shocked everytime i touch water at home and at work?
my fingers have even split open from it it is so painful im getting shocked on everything i touch please help

idk! thats scary just thinking about it! you should get that fixed!

If you were ever electrocuted when you were a child or any time in your life, you simply just have some electrical currents running through your body. The same thing has happened to me when I was 5, it went away after about 10 years. Anyway good luck with it.

please visit a doc...ASAP.

call ur electriction or go see a doctor!

GO to the doctor!! that is scary, and not good!

You have a short circuit somewhere that is sending current, probably through your plumbing. It could be a bad ground. You need an electrician.

You are the one!

Ymmo the Heathen
if this occurs separately at your home and also at your workplace, and if nobody else in your family or your work colleagues is complaining of this, then it's not an electric wiring problem.

More likely, you're wearing plastic shoes and rubbing them against the woolen carpet, or maybe you wear a woolen pullover and rub it against plastic chairs, or maybe your clothes are made of polyester...
Rubbing of those material one against the other results in a lot of static electricity getting created. It discharges each time you touch metal pipes or tubes or taps.

Solution: wear real leather shoes and cotton clothes. Wrap a cotton cloth over your chair. Substitute synthetic carpets with rugs woven from natural materials, like jute.

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