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Why do doctors sedate people?

Pain often works against progress.

Doctors sedate people before a surgery. This causes them lesser discomfort and relief from pain.

Keeps them from struggling when they start unzipping their pants.

They do this to prevent people from resisting what can otherwise be very uncomfortable. It's very irritating having a breathing tube down your esophogus.

hurts like hell when they crack your chest open

well, the first answer (and one a doctor would probably give you) is to prevent or reduce pain... other reasons that a doctor might sedate some one is if their are manic (meaning that it appears that they are so hyper that they're going to some one else, or themselves)...

There are so many different reasons a doctor may sedate a person, i think it would be impossable to describe them all here for you, it realy depends on a situation...

So that they feel less pain

Depends on the context. If you are having a painful procedure-- Setting a broken bone for instance-- you may be sedated in order for the doctor to work without the patient struggling or causing problems during the procedure i.e. thrashing around, pulling IV's out-- that type of thing.

To take more money from people

I wanna be sedated...

to do kinky things to you while your wacked out!

To calm them down before a procedure or during times of stress or when the body needs to rest and heal.

Usually before surgery, a sedative is given an hour or two before, then anesthesia later. Then it's just to have you be calm and stable beforehand.

Hope this helps.

To make them easier to work with and to avoid the hazards of shock.

Ryans Mom
To ensure their comfort. To ease pain and anxiety. To make it easier to work on the patient also.

There are many different reasons and types of sedation that doctors use to treat a huge variety of illnesses and disease....certainly sedation is needed during operations and procedures that are painful....anxiety and fear can require sedation,also so necessary procedures and tests can be done with less stress to the patient.....in psychiatric care...some patients need sedation to prevent them from harming themselves or others.....hope that gives you a small bit of information...it is only a very small bit.

TO Curtail thier Aggressiveness.

The Bearded One
Because pain hurts...

Jinx U
Depends on the situation. I know that extreme fear, as in phobias of the dentist, can justify a perscription of a sedative for a person. My mom for example is stark terrified of the dentist, but she knows she has to go for her cleanings and to get work done, so her doctor perscribes a single valium pill for her when she absolutely has to go. Otherwise, she panics in the chair (which is not just disruptive, but scares the bejeezus out of everybody in the whole office). Sometimes extreme shock can cause hysteria, so a doctor might perscribe a sedative then, too. Just a single dose to help the person recover.

Well, it is quite painful to undergo a surgical procedure without proper sedation. Can you imageine a surgeon cutting into your skin and then stitching up your insides while you were consciously observing him or her? THat would not be fun. We should be quite fortunate that doctors are capable of safely sedating us these days. John Adams' daughter had to have one of her breasts removed without any sedation because she had breast cancer. I just can't even imagine how terrible that must have been.

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