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Why do I sometimes cough and choke and sometimes can't breathe in the middle of my sleep?

Additional Details
I am not fat, but I have an asthma history when I was like 3-10 years old.

Are you a big person? You probably have sleep apnea even if you are not. Do you smoke? You should go see your PCP and have him refer you to a sleep specialist.

Chrissie W
this is called sleep apnea see a doc

just wondering
Choking and coughing and not breathing don't sound so good. You better have that checked. Could be you have asthma but this isn't a place to get a diagnosis. You know where to get a diagnosis. If you keep avoiding the issue you will probably end up in the ER some night.

You might have sleep apnea. My boyfriend does. Sleep apnea is a condition where you stop breathing while sleeping. Usually when you start breathing again you sometimes cough and "choke".

Definitely go to the doc.

Do you have sinus problems? It could be something as simple as sinus drainage thats choking you.

Grand Macaw

could also be night asthma or allergies to something in your room or on your bed.

asthma, it happens to me when I have an attack.

It could be a number of things. Sleep apnea (as stated previously), asthma, allergies, or acid reflux. Check with your doctor. In the meantime, sleep with your head slightly propped up (like with 3 or so pillows under your head). A doctor once told me that sleeping in this fashion makes it easier to breathe.


It sounds to me like it could be asthma, my 5 year old son has asthma and it's the worst at night and he coughs and wheezes all night.

It could also be fears or panic attacks. Your lungs could be tightening up and maybe something is weighing on your mind and maybe you are waking up in the middle of the night and it is disturbing your sleep.

this could be sleep apnia...not sure if i spell that right. See a dr. They will hav eyou stay a night and monitor your sleeping.

Sleep apnea, it can be serious if not treated...basically you are stop breathing while you are asleep...this can affect the heart in the long term. See a doctor

i have this too, but i was told that i have a sinus problem. it does'nt happen very often, but when it does it's scary.

Sounds like sleep apnea

Check out the web site below to check other symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.


this sound like you have sleep apnea, probably you have to loose some weight and/or you have to use a CPAP respiratory machine to help you to sleep with no problems. Check with your doctor.

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