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Missy Uchiha
Why do I always bite my lower lip all the time?
Does this mean something?
Additional Details
its lightly not hard and I just find myself doing it all the time just w/e

You really want to bite something a little harder and alot bigger than your lower lip.

I am mizz chilly
i'd say nervous tick.I do it when I get stressed. ut I bite th inside if my lip and it get's real bad. I think you should maybe use somethign that might stop you like they have stuff for nail biting that taste nasty so you won't bite maybe thy have that for lips. Use something medicated of your least favorite lip gloss flavor like grape of something. And try to realize when your doing it and track down a source. Count how many times you do it. You have to this will get you so tired of writing that you might stop biting. So write it down the time and what you were feeling at the time and go from there. Hope this helps.

It is a nervous habit, you have to be aware of it and make yourself stop if you don't want to do it anymore. I used to clench my jaw but it made it so sore I had to make myself stop doing it.

Are you nerves about something or do you have real bad nerves or it just is comforting to you. I've done that to and sometimes it's a bit of both. I wouldn't worry. You know I was at work and I was wondering the same thing. I realized that baby's do that when they are sleeping. not saying your a baby but I can be a big baby sometimes.

yeah. when you're nervous, this makes you feel comfortable

Being Nervous

hell raiser9392

<3 tWiRl <3
don't do it all the time. my bro did tht and there is a purple bruise under his lip...its freaky

Tylenol Johnson
tastes better than your upper lip?

Jacee Giff
I notice a lot of people doing that when they are nervice or worried. It is natural, even I do it sometime! i dont even relize it.

☮Peace☮ ♥Love♥
It probably is just a bad habit. Put some lipstick on it.( if you are a girl) Maybe some chap stick too bc it tastes bad.

I usually do it over stress, I don't know why you would though?

Amazing Babe
Or you like someone
you are talking to

Patricia S
because you are nervous and unsure of yourself, get rid of that insecurity, your lip deserves better

It's a nervous habit. Or maybe, if you feel self-concious about your looks, pulling and damaging at something as publicized as your mouth is a sub-concious way of doubitng yourself.

Habit. Maybe from nervousness or any other type of stress.

Eden M
It's usually because of anxiety. It's a very hard habit to quit, but I stopped because I hate to apply lip balm. And it makes my lips bleed, and my lips would burn whenever I ate spicy food.

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