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Why am i hungry alot, and never seem to feel full after eating? thanks?

cutie pie
maybe ur not eating enough.

Ihis is difficult to answer without knowing more but it could be caused by the type of food you are eating. Some foods are bulkier and fill you up faster. Soups and airy foods like cake dont have a lot of bulk so they dont really fill you up unless you eat a lot of them. You might try filling your stomach with a couple of glasses of water before you eat and eating salads and fruits which have a lot of bulk.

Avoid taking too much of rice, noodles. I had cut down the amount of the rice intake. And I try to take more 4"f" .. Fats (veg) Fruits, Fiber, Fish I don't fill hungry all the time. You could try.

when a person is eating healthily, they should not feel absolutely stuffed at the end of a meal, and they will be hungry again in 2-3 hours. that is COMPLETELY NORMAL! however, if you are constantly hungry, and eat over 5000 calories a day or some huge number like that, there is probably a medical condition behind it.

I used to be like you,I don`t know if your overweight, I was,so I tried many diets over many years but the only diet where I lost weight without feeling constantly hungry was the Atkins diet.It`s all about cutting right down on your carbohydrate intake, I used to wonder why after eating a plate full of chips (french fries) that I could be so so hungry about an hour later.It`s all to do with blood sugars and stuff I can really recommend his book try and get a copy it`s entitled Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution.Even if your not overweight it will help with your problem, it helped me loose four stone,good luck.

Okay, If You can't Step Outside, And Pluck An Apple, Orange, Or Avocado off a Tree, Here's an Idea That will Fill You Right Up, And At The Same Time be Healthy; Ever heard of Morningstar Farms Veggie Food ? They Have Found a Way To Convert Vegetable Matter Into Food That Is Very Close To Meat, Both In Flavor, And Texture! With A Fraction Of The Fat And Calories! To Find Out Where To Get It, Go To morningstarfarms.com I Get Mine From Food Lion. Also, This Will Have You Feeling Full In Short Order! Try It! You'll Like It! Once you Do, You'll Have To Rate this As A "Best Answer"!!

It could be an ulcer, it could be low blood sugar or you could have something called Prada Willy syndrome.

The feeling of being 'full' (satiated) is promoted by starchy foods. These foods are things like potato, rice, bread, etc.
It is quite hard to over-eat these foods because of the satiation effect.
Perhaps you need to reconsider your current choice of foods, especially if you are trying to lose weight when you might think that carbohydrates should be avoided.
As you know, weight loss occurs if you eat less energy-food than your body uses up. But this does mean that you can eat bulky, starchy foods to fill you up as long as you don't over-do it.

I suspect you have an ulcer.

Go see a doctor.

if not, then you are a gluton.

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