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 Ear Pierce Infection?
About 4 weeks ago I got my bottom holes on my ears repierced and the left ear healed fine and the right is swollen, red still and when I changed out the ear ring the hole is bigger then the other and ...

 Do you get pains from your liver in your back or in your front?

 I need some information.?
My 2 year old daughter got a burn on her arm today for soup and it started to blister. what should I do?? I think it might be itchy to her too... I ran it under cool water and then wrapped it with a ...

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 Help!! I just burned my hand! owww!?
I was making a cup of that instant soup and when I went to take it out of the microwave, it overflowed onto my hand. I immediately ran it under cold water, but its BRIGHT red and tingly. I know, I ...

 What is a matter with me? I sleep for 10 hours and when i wake up i am still so tired?

 I just opened my mouth to show all my chewed up food to a co-worker?
He said "For a hot chick, you're pretty disgusting".
I'm so proud of myself...

What have you done today that made you feel good?...

 If you break your foot will it go in a cast?
im talking about the very top of the foot. the one that is connected to your big toe....

 There is a bump on my eyeball and Id like to know what it is and what I should do.?
Ok, for a few days now, when I wake up my eyes are all cloudy and I cant see. There is stuff caught in my eyelashes.
I have 3 blindspots. I had one in each eye since a few weeks ago, then ...

 Can you smother yourself with a pillow?
is it possible? how long does it take to die?...

 What is the best way to heal a burn from a hot frier?

 My wife has hemocromatosis when abroad she has a very bad reaction to bites.Any remedies????
Large blisters are the results of the bites.The pain is excruciating she discribes it as if boiling water is being slowly poured on the affected area....

 What is the quickest way to get a mosquito bite or any type of bug bite to stop itching and go away?

 Bike riding?
if im riding at 12 miles per hour on paved road using all my strength with the tires at the right pressure and im 5 foot tall 121 pounds how many calories will i burn for every mile of bike riding?...

 I've got a problem.?
I'm paralyzed, half crazy, not neat, bowlegged, and blind... I'm in a wheelchair, got glass eyes, bad breath, ugly teeth, elevin fingers, and twelve toes. I'm mean, ugly, profane, and ...

 I have a splinter stuck under ive used a needle to try and get it out but its to far in! HELP!?

Additional Details
splinter stuck in my ...

 Why do people talk behind other peoples backs but act nice to their face?

 I have a rotten tooth, cannot go to dentist. Anyone know of over the counter pain killers so I can pull it?

Additional Details
I reside in Britain so dentists (decent ones)are not that easy to find. I have been to a student hospital in the past and ended up with brusing to my chest and a ...

Who will make medical decisions for you if you are unable to do so yourself?
Do you have an Advance Medical Directive form filled out for yourself expressing your wishes concerning resuscitation,
mechanical ventilation, etc.??? Have you made your wishes clear to others?

My hubby is to make all decisions i do have a living will and if he is dead b4 i am my children will make these decisions.

you are absolutely right. Everyone who is old enough by law to have this form filled out should do so. I wouldn't want my family to have to make choices for me, that would be against what I would want and I sure don't want doctor's or government taking the matter into their hands.......... Every one, you can obtain this form over the internet and should have it printed out and filled out and kept in a safe place and insure your doctor has a copy also.......

yes, my son and daughter. Directives are in my will.

You need to write it down, as a legal document and make sure that your main doctor signs it, your spouse, parents, anyone that will be taking care of you if anything happens.
My parents in my case are the ones in charge if anything happens, i made it clear that i will not receive blood transfusions, and that i will never be placed on a ventilator, will be an organ donor, etc etc.

If you're married then your spouse has say over what happens to you and if your not married then your parents get to say what they want to happen to you. And if they're dead then the next of kin would take that position. But you should deffinitly fill out an advanced directive and a living will and make sure you expressing you wishes to your loved ones.

I have a living will , notarized and the whole nine yards...if I am unable to wipe my own a$$,leave me alone and call Dr. Kervokian.

Absolutely!!! My wife, mother, and brother are authorized to make decisions for me (in that specific order). I am NOT to be placed on life support and am not to be resuscitated more than once. I am never to be placed on a ventilator either.... Anyone who does NOT make such things clear is only asking for heartache, bills, and trouble!

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