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When you wear a bandaide for too long does the skin underneath die or what?
It gets pale and wrinkled and smells. whats the deal?

Avalon von Aldaran
i have never heard of that...

Overexposure to moisture and warmth.

Your fingers go wrinkly because of osmosis, their is more pure water in your body then there is in the tinsy bit of moisture on the bandaid so it gives up its own water to try and balance out the concentration. Which is why your fingers go wrinkly in the bath and using the bandaid.

It the same effect that's happening when you go in the bath

Pamela Gandolfo
nothing like that happens the bandaide just makes it so the blode dosnt get out and germs go in thats all.

jason c
No the skin does not die in the sense that wall surface skin is dead. But with a bandaide on the skin cannot evaporate the sweat the body produces and the skin then becomes permanently wet, thus the pale, wrinkled skin.

Hell no. That's like if you pack something away and it doesn't get enough air and water leaks in. All it needs is some air and the color will come back very soon.

This effect is the same as when you soak in the bath and your fingers and toes shrivel up, Unlike this, though, bacteria love to live under a bandaid, as it is warm and damp. thsi is made worse as they are sold as 'waterproof', yet are often not. Users therefore wash post and bathe in them. If they are waterproof, sweat gives sufficient liquid to make the same effect. It is best to use bandages, as you are not tempted to plunge these into water. They also give a better environment for healing. The smell is the bacteria telling you that you are late in washing the area and changing the dressing.

The Un-Cola
The band-aid traps moisture, fungus and bacteria. The skin does not exfoliate and you get a layer of skin that hasn't sloughed off like it would from normal friction etc.

If you are talking about the skin underneath the sticky part that turns white and not the sore itself, it's due to moisture being trapped and your skin is constantly wet, like if you take a bath too long.
When you remove the band aid daily or twice a day depending on the severity of the sore,wash and dry the WHOLE area very well. Then apply your antibacterial ointment and re bandage. It's nothing serious unless the sore itself is badly infected and causing the odor.

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