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 Is it normal?
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 What defines a "heavy smoker"?
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 Burn on a 5 year old.?
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 Nose bleeding?
i have been having nose bleed since the age of 4, now im 16 and i still have it. i have it about 4-10 times a month and i noticed that it gets more serious by the year... my parents dont seem to care ...

 What is something random you can choke on?

 Are boiled vegetables good for health?

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Then how to steam them???...

 What is a good over the counter for tension headaches?
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 How can I get a splinter out?
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 I think i got bit by a spider but im not sure there are 2 small red swollen itchy burning numb bumps?
it really hurts and there is redness all around it i have searched on th internet to see what it was and i think it might be a spider ...

 I ran into my door and my lip is really bloodley what should I use to heal it?

 Why is my ear thermometer not reading right?
I just changed the battery, and it said myself and my two kids are all 96'F. It's fairly new...yet reading falsely. I'm troubled. Ideas why this might be happening?...

When can a person be declared dead?

Additional Details
is it when he stops breathing, his heart stops beating or what?

In addition to No pulse No heart beat...Eye lenses will not react to light applied from a small torch;meaning the brain is dead as well.

you can be brain dead but your heart is still beating thats a good question when you find out please tell me

i think the person becomes dead the moment he is deprived of any spirit or wish to live any longer

A person can be declared clinically dead when there's no heart beat and no pulse.

legally they have to be pronounced dead by a Coriner, M.D., or in somecases trained paramedics can pronounce people dead.

People are pronounced dead only after every effort is exhausted to try to bring them back to life.

When the heart has stopped beating completely.

when the soul leaves the body.... medically when they flatline- no pulse/ heartbeat, unable to be revived

When your heart stops.

Medical personnel can declare time of death when they personally feel no further attempts at recusitation are warranted but you can also be pronounced dead if you haven't been heard or seen from for seven years (trust me, I've been declared dead twice for disappearing)

When an M.D. pronounces they are dead.

Emma Monkey
I work in a nursing home, and needless to say when our patients die no heroic measures are taken, their quality of life is zero and reviving them would be prolonging their agony. One man died in the early hours of the morning, the nurse on duty couldn't feel a pulse or hear him breathing when she listened with a stethoscope.
The Dr. came out to certify him a couple of hours later, by this time the man looked waxy and blue, and was very obviously dead, but the Dr. could hear a faint heartbeat, although the man was definitely not breathing.
He still certified him though, and before he left he said to the nurse if he comes back to life please call me! We were all seriously freaked, but by the time the undertakers arrived the man hadn't made any miraculous recovery, and was still dead. Or was he? Absolute true story!

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