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your mom
When a cut thing itches does that mean its healing ?


Laura v
the skin is healing the cut so dont scratch it.

lady di
Thats what my mother always told me. I recently had surgery and when the incision site was healing it itched like crazy so I guess it is true.

yuhp..make sure u still care for though

Yes, and be sure to give it some air during the day if you are still having to "cover it" at night

van kedileri

*DaNcInG RoCkS mY sOcKs*

Linda G
Yes it does.

new surrender
Yeah, don't itch it though. Good way to get bacteria in it, or if it's scabbed, it'll remove the scab sooner than it should be.

The itching sensation from cuts and/or burns are from the nerves regrowing. So, yes it is a sign of your body healing itself. I hope this helps

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