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 If you are vegetarian, how do you get protein without dairy, soy beans, tofu. or eggs?
My son has decided to be vegetarian, but also doesn't want
dairy, soy beans, Tofu, or eggs. Any info would be appreciated, also "simple" recipe ideas would be wonderful.

 I can't get my earrings off and I have an infection! What do I do?!?
I got my ears pierced and waited 8 weeks and took my earrings out. cleaned everything and such. My right ear had a lot of puss and whatnot, but I didn't think anything of it. I cleaned them real ...

 How to sleep well and dream nice?

 My girlfriend said that pants are shorter because I got fat, is it true?

 Omg! I got stung by a bee yesterday, and it sweled my arm, and now its spreading!?
Ok, im not sure what type of bee it was, but I was wondering if this happened to you, and what to do. (Me and my mom are going to CVS soon to get a remedie.)
Here's what happened. I was ...

 Do you think too much sleep makes you even more tired?
I think maybe causes ...

 My 4 year old niece is healthy but not tall enough to her age.any tips to make her grow tall.?

 How many people actually wash their hands with soap after going to the washroom?
I heard that only 30% of people wash their hands with soap after going to the washroom, I find that offensive and gross....

 Can you die if a bee sting you?

 I ust got over dirriah and it burned why?
is hurt at first but then after a while it started to burn alot and my bottom turned red it felt like acid was shooting out of my bottom . it hurt to move at all i had to lay still on my bed for ...

 Finger cut and hasn't stopped bleeding?
Last night I caught the tip of my little finger on a fan blade. It didn't scratch the surface of my finger so much as directly hit it, only just breaking the skin, but bleeding pretty badly.

 Any advice on what to use on wasp stings?
i just got stung on the thumb.. of all places! what can i do to try and reduce the reactions???...

 Am i anorexic/bulemic if.....?
i dont hardly ever eat just because im not hungary and when i do i throw up unintentionally what is this?...

 Gay Guys, WHY do you do it??? It's where you get rid of your waste products!!!?

Additional Details
Amanda would you rather be pissed upon or **** upon ...

 What do you call the thing that dangles down at the back of your mouth?
its like a little flap of skin that hangs down, and by the way its not your tonsals....

 Do you have health insurance? Why or why not?
if you don't, how do you pay for your yearly checkups? illness? prescriptions? are you on medicaid? do you pay all your medical bills?...

 What is your opinion about agresion Israel to Libanon ?

 Why is it that if someone dies in your arms it is sometimes a blessing to you....?

 How To Get A Tiny Splinter Out Painlessly (Without Tweezers)?
Hi, I was walking barefoot (stupid I know) in my backyard, and that night, I discovered that I had a tiny black rose-like thorn in my foot, just below my big toe and is so painful.


 This poor, poor boy.....?
my daughters 7 year old friend is at my house, and after playing outside in the water(with sunscreen) all day in 95 degree weather, has a really bad sunburn on his back and shoulders. He has the ...

Whats the difference between light and regular cigarettes?

There's is a difference between how much it harms your system.Really smoking is not good for you it can cause brain damage or lung disease and you can have a disorder.I know don't kno body wanna walk around with a stinking breath or yellow teeth looking like you got gold fronts.

The way the tobacco is treated in the factory. They actually use stronger chemicals to make the tobacco lighter. So the tar and nicotine level might be lower, but the chemical level is higher. regular cigarettes make more addicted to nicotine than light cigarettes. Some studies even show that patients who got lung cancer from light cigarrettes have more complex forms of cancer than regular cig smokers. Therefore more difficult to be treated. Me myself, i also smoke ultra light cigarettes and i am gonna quit very soon. You can actually see that regular cigarettes are made of darker tobacco, whereas ultra light cigarettes have very bright brown tobacco in it. There are tiny holes on lighter cigarettes´ filters. You can also tear off half the filter on ultra light cigarettes, just where the tiny holes are, so that it makes the cigarette taste ´stronger´.

the tar and the nicotine is the same there is just more holes in the filter in lights if you look real close to the filter you can see the rows of little tiny holes that allow more air in when you inhale

u wont die quite as fast

I think the main difference is the filter

Absolutely no difference to your health.

i dont think theres any difference all cigarettes are the same because you will smoke them weither they are light or regular coz when you need nicotine you will smoke anything

Apparantly the amount of tar and other bad things that are inhalable. BOTH ARE STILL BAD! There is no good cigarette. Try to quit for your health and those around you.

the amount of tar and nicotine

Holes in the filter just makes it taste lighter. The tobacco co's want to make you think they have lower tar and nicotine content. DONT YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

supplosedly tar amount

As far as health risks from smoking are concerned, NONE. Light cigarettes have lower tar and nicotine.

Light cigs have holes in the filter to allow more air in with the smoke. They are just as bad as full flavor as far as carcenegns.

The amount of tobacco/nicotine in the cig. However, studies have proven that folks who smoke light/ultra lights will subconsciously still crave the same amount of nicotine in full flavor cigs and therefore, take more puffs, hold the smoke in longer, etc. They will adjust to still get the nicotine and it makes the purchase of the light/ultra light completely futile. I am an ultra light smoker who is planning on quitting at the end of the week. Remember, lights and ultra lights are in NO way healthier or safer than regulars.

Information on the truth behind light/ultra light cigs:

Help with Quitting:

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