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Whats the best thing to put on a burn?
I burnt my hand with hot glue from a hot glue gun and it won't stop stinging whats the best thing to put on it to stop the constant burning?

neosporin and ice

Aloe Vera is a good thing to put on it after it stops stinging. While it is stinging run it under water.

I burnt my hand a couple months ago and it took a couple hours to stop stinging (even with ointment on). It will likely blister and thne slowly heal. Don't pop the blister. It will hurt even more.

run it under cold water, but dont put any lotion on, that will irratate the skin even worse!!!... put a cold wash cloth over it after, put ice in a bag and rap the bag in a wash cloth, but never directly put ice on it...

I did the same thing. OUCH!!! Put Aloe Vera Gel on it at all times. Do whatever you need to to "cover" the burn so the gel stays on all the time. If it is still burning, the best thing I know to do is to put the Aloe Vera gel in the freezer, and let it get cold, and then put the cold gel on the burn, replacing it frequently, to keep it cold. Keep it covered until it gets a scab or a covering. Then let it air. Put gel on at night to keep the scab as soft as possible, until it needs to fall off. The Neosporin is for infection not for the burn. Don't use just Neo.

The Gentle Lynx
My honey always has me put a dampened tea bag on the burn and I find it very soothing. Doesn't matter what kind of tea.

Good luck!

If you can find some, aloe. Neosporin works good too.

First, you don't want cold water but temped water. If there are blisters forming, DO NOT pop them. Cover with a sterile dry bandage. If it is a first degree burn, alo vera will work since a sunburn is a first degree burn. A burn ointment will work as well


burn ointment or cold cream

if you go to the doctor they will give you a cream called silivedin (not sure of the spelling) cream, but if its not that bad aloe works good as does Neosporin plus pain relief.

Little Softy
Start with the cold water. Then there are some bandages that are called NewSkin... they are a water-based bandage that really soothe burns of that size. They are a little pricy but well worth the cost. I've used them before and they work.

nothing hot.. that would kinda defeat the purpose.......dont you think?

run it under warm water. the pain is from the skin trying to match the temp of the burn. and then put burn cream such as aloea.

if just happen run under cold water. Use cocoa butter to ease the pain and help with scaring

There are already so many answers here, but anyway.
Just put cold water on it. Hold under the faucet or submerge it in a bowl of cool water. Avoid ice. Keep it moist. Put a bandage over it to protect it from being torn open. Then just let it heal. It will take some time. Try not to let it pop open.

ice, cold running water, frozen veggies

and take some Ibuprofen (Advil)

If it's blistered, use Neo-Sporin or a triple-antibiotic ointment applied with a clean finger. Don't pop any blisters. Cover the burn with a clean dressing.

Estate Italiana
Aloe vera is very good for burns. Keep an ice back on it or run it under cold water for immediate relief. I once slept with an icepack on my finger because I had burned it on a pot. aloe vera cools it off though and it will stop the sting if you keep applying. Especially the fresh one, straight from the plant (if u have access to one) otherwise, the creams and gels work too. Keeping it under cold water, on and off, and keeping ice on it will help prevent bad blistering too.


cold water.

Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocleti
run it under cold running water and then put on some lotion or ointment

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