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 How do you stop biting your nails?
Is there a special trick anyone has learned?...

 Is a sunburn sopse to blister and bubble?
i got sunburn realy bad on my shoulders and back i cant sleep on y back and they are starting to blister and buble is that good?...

 What is the easiest way to quit smoking?

 I think i got BITE by a spider?
I think it was 2 days ago and now theres a swallon line from were the spider bite is and puse is coming from it is it a brown recluse bite?...

 How can I stop cutting /reduce the urges to cut?

 Paramedics: What do you do if there is a dog that won't let you into the house.?
I'm thinking the only person home is the patient and they are not able to control the dog....

 How do i loose weight i weigh 72 and have 4 fat rolls?
I'm really unhappy and would like to loose alot of weight by june thats when my ball is!!...

 Does deoderant/antiperspirant give you cancer?
if so, what is the chance you'll get cancer ,what kind of cancer, and is there a better alternative to deoderant?
how come so many people use it then?
Additional Details
cause ...

 When u go to sleep at night do u like sleeping in the dark or do u need a small light on somewhere?
i like my bedroom pitch black..don't know why..if there is just a tiny light on i can't sleep unless i am so pooped that i can't keep my eyse open...My parents told me that i was like ...

 How would I calculate the amount of morphine that kills a person?
How is the dosage calculated? Are a patient's height/weight/age a factor? If so my hypothetical injured patient is 6' tall thirtysomething and weighs about 160 pounds.
Additional D...

 What temperture should a child go to the hospital?

 Why do some people only take a bath once a week? How can we deal with someone who smells bad?

 When u pee in the shower does it smell like cheerios?
the whole shower starts 2 smell. and i dont even eat cheerios! weird huh?...

 Is swallowing paint dangerous?
I was painting my walls and a little bit of paint splashed in my mouth and nose. Is this dangerous or nothing to worry about?...

 How to safely remove debris from inside an ear?
a close friend has got the head of a cue-tip stuck in her ear and i would like to help her, but im unsure whats a safe way to remove it?
water? tweezers?...

 Any suggestions on how to stop HABITUAL nail biting?
My husband bites his nails CONSTANTLY, they look disgusting. I wouldn't even consider them "nails" anymore, more like severed layers of flesh. Any tips or advice out there. No ...

 My lower back hurts....?
well im 5'3 and i weigh 180 and im 14 over the summer i was active and stuff you know running around and when i got back to school my back started hurting is it becasue of sitting alot or is it ...

 I got stung by a bee yesterday n i woke up these morning n it was swollen n warmer the my others, wht do I do?

Additional Details
its itcy n swollen, no redness. I have a little dot that looks like it could be the head of the stinger but I cant get it out with a cedit card or tweezers. Should ...

 Heeeeeellllllllpppp!!! I am trying to tidy/refresh my house and am making a mess!?
I really need to sort my house out .....but I keep going from one thing to another - have even started painting things - and am making a mess everywhere........!! :o) :o(

I need some ...

 How to get rid of severe dandruff?

What will happen if you tear a mole off your body?

first of all don't even think about tearing that mole off. if it is sore itchy or changed colour go to your doctors it may need a second opinion, a few years ago i had to have three moles removed, i just thought that they just got bigger as a grew but they where cancerous, I'm not saying yours are but just check better safe than sori. if it is just for cosmetic reasons you leave a worse mark than you think is there already.

It will bleed a great deal and be sore for a while. However moles can be dangerous IE cancerous by removing it yourself your doctor cannot test it. I wouldn't recommend tearing them off seek medical help

"some" moles are connected to major veins and nerves. depending on where its located, it is not in your best interest to remove it... trust me!

I would not do that! It will hurt and bleed really bad! Please don't do that!bye

it will hurt a lot, and you can get a scar. better left to the professionals. you dont want an infection. plus they can burn it off safely.

It will hurt. Then bleed. Couple of days maybe get infected.

Bobbi J
First: Hurt like Hell
Second: Bleed like Hell
Third: maybe not a good idea!

the area bleeds 4ever..and thats about it.

You will bleed and it will probably get infected. Have the dermatologist remove it.

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