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 I Have had a splinter for a long time How do I remove it?
Ok it might sound crazy but I have had a splinter for 6 years now and Its kinda bothering me..How do I remove it? Its like sort of deep...anyone know how or have any remedies?...

What will happen if I just leave the splinter in my finger?
I am wimping out on the tweezer method

It will work itself out in it's own, and if it gets red and infected, then the pus will help it come out.
If it's a CHUNK of wood or other material, you should go to walk in clinic and ask them to remove it. Otherwise, some polysporin, or antibacterial creme or whatever, will shorten healing time, but I think you'll live, sport.

It could possibly get infected but it should work it way out.

Mark S
Infection, gangreen, it could fall off or need to be amputated, you may even need a shot.

Pull it out

question masters
?I don't know what you mean.???

da maestro
Once had a splinter enter one side of my fingertip and extend out the other side. Doctor said he could remove it surgically but that might damage some nerves. Alternative is to leave it alone and it will come out by itself. After a week or so it did. So...how big is it and how much does it affect your life?

The Mighty Martin
Either your body will naturally expell it when it's ready, or it'll become infected.

My advice as a trained first-aider is to go for the tweezer method, but be very careful that you pull it out the same way that it went in, else you risk part of the splinter breaking off and remaining in your skin.

Kyle Reese
Nothing, your skin will push it out eventually...Peace!!

gangrene and they will have to cut off your whole hand. Without any anesthestic.

Just kiddin', it will get infected and hurt worse. Then the Doctor will remove it for ya.

It will get infected, and the skin will become red and swollen and full of pus and the the pus will eventually push the splinter out. In the end, leaving it there will cause you more discomfort than if you'd just cowboy up and pull the darn thing out.

Turns black if it's metal or wood trys to work out somtimes if to deep it will stays under the skin.

If you don't mess with it, it should come out.

for me to know, you to not...
There is a possibility it could get infected. When this happens youll know by the ball of pus aurrounding the splinter. It would help to take a bath or shower for a lengthy time. While youre in there, squeeze the area around the splinter. The warm/hot water will help soften the skin. When the tip of it comes out, grab the tweezers and pull the splinter out by the tip. And then be sure to wash the area well.

zachary l
your skin will push it out

This one has been answered. Great info, check out link!

If its small it will eventually fall opff. Even if its big it will still eventually fall off with more trouble and pain though

It will work its way out. Your skin sheds and the layers over the splinter will shed and eventually the splinter will be gone.

Sometimes splinters don't at all make a difference if they are just kept where they are, and they work themselves out eventually or they stay there forever in place under the skin. But sometimes they work their way in and depending on where, they can work their way into the blood stream and it can't be too good. So i definitely suggest you trying to get it out. If it isn't too deep, some people put regular elmer's glue on wait for it to try and pull it out with the dried glue, has never worked for me.. but it's worth a try if you don't want to use tweezers. My dad always used a needle to get mine out when I was younger. :(

You will get a puss blister around it.

it will fester with infection===try painting some nail polish on the area and when it is dry,peel it off and the splinter should come out as you do that =good luck

anywhere from infection to disease to irritation.......or all of them......my suggestion is took get over the pain and take it out

Soak your finger in warm water for 10 minutes, this will loosen the skin and it will come out easy...

it could get infected and that could lead to more serious problems

well, it would go into your skin if it's long or deep and then cause a bump on your skin like a misquito bite and it would hurt when ever you touch or bumped it

well its going to get really swollen and infected. so just take it outl.

it will work its way out u can cover it with black tape so it does not get dirt there to get infected. black tape helps drow stuff out

>>It will eventually work its way out. It could however get infected. I think I read somewhere once that if you put olive oil or honey on it, it helps it come out. Cannot remember which one though. Good luck!

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