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What stops the blood from bleeding when you cut yourself?
Hi when you cut yourself accidently and is only small, the cut bleeds for a while then stops. Just wondered what stops the cut from bleeding and why it stops bleeding.

When you have sufficient iron in your blood, it causes the blood to coagulate (Thicken and form a web of clotted blood vessels), dry up and form clots in a few minutes, which stops the bllod flow.
But people known as Haemophiles, who have very little iron ['Haematos', is Greek for Iron] would bleed profusely even with a slight nick/cut, like while shaving. Such people have to be very careful not to cut themselves even accidentally.

they're are steps your body takes to stop bleeding. 1. Platelet formation 2. vascular contraction and 3. I'm not sure of the name. the whole process is called homeostasis, or the stopping of blood flow. Basically the platelets in the blood begin to stick together at the site of the bleeding causing the formation of a clot (scab), and the vessel that is bleeding begins to contract in order to let less blood flow to that area.

If you rinse the area with hot water as hot as you can stand it that helps keep the skin closed. I accidently cut myself and rinsed the area with hot water it felt better..clean it with peroxide after wards and a flexible bandiad with ointment in it..and please try to be careful..

I remember seeing this on PBS or something, I think it's called fibrinogen or something close, that is one of the primary clotting agents. All of our immune system cells are pretty smart to know what to do, aren't they?

Platelets.Platelets are irregularly-shaped, colorless bodies that are present in blood. Their sticky surface lets them, along with other substances, form clots to stop bleeding. They basically make a bandage, so that you stop bleeding as much.

Gone fishin'
The blood clots which means it forms a hard protective cover for the injury that stops the blood flow. If you knock off the scab it will bleed again if it hasn't healed yet.

Rene B
You have in your vascular system coagulation factors-if these are normal, your blood will clot. If you lack these factors as in hemophilia, you will bleed continuously.

chain y
your body will produce kind of fluid to stop bleeding.is like platelets.it produce by vitamin K.

platelets (the things that form blood clots) make fibers that make tem stick to other platelets..this forms a blood clot by the cut so you don't bleed anymore

coagulation... clotting

it's a complex physiological event

First, your vessel will constrict, decreasing the blood flow to the injured aea.

Then, platelet will bind to the injured area forming a temporary plug that block the blood from leaking. This proses will result in the platelet to release some chemical mediator that stimulate the coagulation factor to permanently stop the blood from leaking.

TMLeaf Fan
Your body/blood has a natural function where the blood coagulates, basically forming a clot.

The clotting factor in Vitamin K stops you from bleeding by forming a clot.

You have clotting agents in the blood. Haemophliacs lack these and is why they can die from even moderate cuts.

They form a mesh/net of fibres at the wound and its filled with red blood cells to clog it up and prevent a loss of further blood. White blood cells (those associated with the immune response) are also in attendance to prevent any invaders for getting in and causing problems

The blood has a natural clotting agent - which stops the bleeding. Put cold water on it and wrap a plaster around it and it will stop. If you tend to bleed a lot eat Spinach -which contains Vitamin K - which is essential for blood clotting.
Don't take aspirin - that thins the blood.

a clotting agent in the blood helps it clot. as the blood flows through the wound the red blood cells attach to the sides of the cut ans they form a clot. when that clot dries it becomes a scab.

the blood drys up and causes a blood clot,

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