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What kind of insect bite leaves two mark close together like fang marks? The initial bite is painless.?
The bites always occur at night, while I'm sleep.The itching starts the second thru the fifth day.The marks dry out but remain for a few weeks.

sounds like a spider bite

those are spider bites. I would vacuum under your bed, in all the cracks and crevices, and change your bedding. Then, if you can, spray spider killing spray around the edges of your windows and walls.

I was searching for bite mark info and came upon this page. I have 2 bites on my arm, each has 3 fang marks! also occured at night, what can it be from?

vampires your a gonner now


Sounds just like a spider bite.


The only time I received bites like these are when we go camping. By boyfriend told me their spider bites.

spider or ant, but in your case probably a spider

james g
You have probally without a doubt been bitten by a spider since the neuro toxins take a while to necrotise the flesh it could take a couple of days for the results to manifest superficially. Other than this I couldn't tell, I would need to know the appearance and size of the bite and geographical location for speciation of the spider

Sounds like a spider...I still have a mark on my leg from a spider bite that I got last year.

Spider bites

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