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 What makes mosquitos bite some people and not others??
i go to florida every year on vacation and every time i go i ALWAYS get bitten by mosquitos!! My sister never gets bitten though....and its so annoying because i'm left with horrible looking ...

 Sunburn help!?
Yesterday i went to the beach in California and it was so sunny and hot. I normally never burn though. I'm not bright red but it's obviously burnt and hurts alot. I've been using aloe ...

 Is it safe to drink distilled water?

 Does anyone have a cure for Nausea?ie.Things that you'd normally buy?
Does Ceylon tea work for example?...

 Room spinning as i woke up, then 3 hours of nausea, but no vomiting. Then hungry like hell, what can it be?
No not pregnant. Had the shivers too, and felt drowsy, but it mysteriously went away, the feeling was so awful i thought i was going to vomit, is there a flu outthere with tese symptoms? This lasted ...

 Anyone been stung by a wasp or hornet? How painful is it?
Tell about how you were stung and what the pain was like....

 Insect bites while i sleep!!?
couple of days ago i woke up and i had several bites (like insect bites) in my left leg upper my knee and one bite in my ankle; i thought it was just a mosquito bite which is weard because by this ...

 Good excuse for a black eye?
I was in a fight and got a black eye and a broken nose. My nose looks okay, but I still have this wicked black eye, I dont want my family to know the truth because then they will worry. What excuse ...

 I fasted for 38 hours and now I get sick everytime I eat! Will it go away?
Okay, I just fasted for 38 hours, and now whenever I eat, I feel really queasy. Not like I'm gonna puke, but I feel nausious. Will this go away?
Additional Details
I fasted because I...

 I burned my lip this morning with a fork. What do I put on it to heal it?
What do I put on my burned lip? And are there any things I might have around the house that I can use?...

 I have a job interview, what should I eat to be sure I'm sharp and not sluggish?

 How many bones are in the human body?

 Why does my cat's breath smell like cat food?
Every time we make out I end up with fish breath for weeks......

 Removing ticks???? please help!!!?
it was stuck in the skin halfway, and i pulled it out with tweezers, but the head is still in there. but its 11pm, should I wait until morning and call my doctor, or should I go down to the emergency ...

 What happens to your body if you eat too many chilis?

 How do you know if you need stitches?
I was opening a contact lens bottle at work that was sealed by metal. They are tricky to open cause if you don't get the plastic top off enough it doesn't peel the whole metal off. Well I ...

 Sunburn to the max??!!?
how can i treat my sunburn. i have it on my legs and arms and feet and stomach. im a lobster. worse....
how can i ease the pain ?? it hurts so much i feel like crying....

 Easiest way to take off a plaster?
My little brother got his injection 2 days ago and i was told to take the plasters of as my parents are away for the weekend soo whats the easiest way to get it off because its really sticky!!!

 Does soap make your skin dry & flacky ?

 Will it work it's way out or should I go to the doctor?
I got a thin shard of glass in my finger. It went in through the tip straight up and down, like a needle for example. There is still a peice of glass in my finger. It's really thin but maybe ...

What is the one food humans could live on if they had to chose only one plus water?

cheese or tabacco (nah just kidding about the tabacco)

you were intellegent s.boggs01?

blueberrys. they have protein, and antioidants, plus a whole lot of other great stuff.

agree banana

Bananas is right.

cheeseburgers from mcdonalds


Jimmy The Hand

Travlin' Grama
I know that during the potato faminine in Ireland, people did pretty much live on potatoes. They are loaded with protein, and have most of the minerals and vitamins you need. I know the Irish know hundreds of ways of preparing them. And they say that a grown man would eat up to 20 pounds a day when that was all they had.

BTW - bananas do not have the B-vitamins you need, potatoes do.

If you were going to best survive on one food and only water, it would probably be beef. It has the most complete protein, and there have also been times and places where men survived on that (or maybe it was buffalo, or whale blubber).

A human being trying to live on bananas and water alone would need 50-200 a day to get the nutrients you need- but of course, you still would not get your allotment of many vitamins and nutrients, and you'd get a lot of potassium.

If you had to engineer a 'one only' food, it would probably be an engineered salad, thin crust pizza, or casserole- it could not simply consist of 1 'plain' food item.

Don't believe that crap about blueberries or bannanas. They are lacking in protiens and fats that you need. Cheezeburger is probably the most realistic answer here but there are many possibilities, e.g. quinoa, soybeans, fish, most meats.

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